Does the NAACP speak for you?

Does the NAACP speak for you?

This is a question worth confronting and answering.

So for the first time I request that you migrate to another site to participate and answer this question.

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  • South
    Joe Fisher Back en de dey wen animals were de rulers ob de hearth ; De Bukra com pon de seen an begin killing de animals fe fun , sport , practice etc. Him no respe wedder de animal was yunge , old , pregnant , old ,blind cripple or crazy .

    Bre Rabbit send out de wurd der mus be un meating fo to decide wah we gwan do bout dis situation ? Him told ebry one to tell each one . Bre Rabbit personally told de " CHICKEN " ; Dis meating next " SUNDAY " is a " MUST " .

    De Chicken told Bre Rabbit ; Mi don kno how mi schedule look pon next sunday , " BUT " if n I don make it , mi kno how important di problem wid de Bukra is . mi totally in agreement . " SO WHA EBRA is " DECIDED " I"ll abide by it .

    De koncil decided dat one animal mut volantear to be de sacrificial animal so de bukra wouldn"t hab to kill any others . De Koncil decided dat de " CHICKEN " would be de " Gospel byrd " , since him say he"d go along wid wah eber was decided. an him no show at de meatin .

    Moral ; Speak fo Sef .
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