Do you*"...believe that the Obama Administration should intervene to restore the sacred vote of the people of the DRC"- the Congo?

Do you believe that the Obama Administration should intervene to restore the sacred vote of the people of the DRC - Congo?

Why intervene in DRC but not in Libya and and Ivory Coast?

Should US and the UN intervene wherever and whenever they so desire?

What's your point-of-view?

*This question is inspire by the petition at:!/petition/we-believe-obama-administration-should-intervene-restore-sacred-vote-people-drc/R85FCgWn

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  • DMV

    No no and hell no!  WE would just be tangled up in this for years and no one can come in an change the mind of the foolish men of the Continent!  These are tribal and financial ills of Afrika!  It would cost too much and right now Amerikkka cant save itself.   Furthermore we dont have the resources to fix the Congo and if we did; we couldnt.  NO ONE CAN SAVE US BUT US!  DONT YOU ALL KNOW THAT BY NOW!!??


  • West

    The reason why Conco is not Democratic is because of the same Americans who made and continue to make sure it will never be! WHy would anyone believe that America, under whatever president, would allow Africa to be free? Congo does not make guns, who supplies them? We are the Jews of the ancient times, the children of God himself. As long as we never look back to away Great Ancestor, we will never escape the curse of being slaves to the children of Lucifer.

  • DMV

    Hell no! Amerikkka has enough money problems! We cant afford to help no one but us! Most people are living just above poverty! The middle class has all but disappeared! You are either rich or poor! Mostly the working poor! Most women are not at home raising children! Most of us can no longer even think about sending our children to college! And the POTUS is in bed with Wall STreet and he is lying elitist! Whom is full of doo-doo and has no concern for the poor!

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