Debt Crisis, How to Solve the Debt Crisis?

How to solve the debt crisis in the United State of America?

How to solve the debt crisis in your country?

List one idea that in your opinion would solve or go a long way to solve the debt crisis.

Please have your response be clear, crisp, concise, to the point - succinct.



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  • NYMetro

    I do not know what is going on in the Congress of the United States and with the President. The world needs new money and new money without strings attached. Merkhutu is the new money that can whipe out all debts and deficit not only in the United States, but in every country of the world and you know what? Merkhutu is free and clear! Merkhutu was given to the Congress by way of the President not long ago, but neither the President or the Congress responded. What else can I say? Nefertari.

  • Georgia

    The debt crisis of the US will never be solved because it is based in capitalism which is an expolitative economic system.  This country will never come clean on all its debt.

    • Europe

      Debt is created by an insatiable appetite for materialism, money, and bling. If we completely eradicate charge cards that cause people to buy items they cannot afford or need; we can again manage our limited income.  Can we remember the lay-away plan; that was before the gears of capitalism was lubricated with misleading advertising, deceptive marketing, and exploitative jingles.  Today truth is ambiguous; everyone has a right to do wrong.  We need a stimulus payment of whats right and just; not more more money to solve a problem that transcends just doing the right thing.  We have forgotten that what we have sown we have reaped.  Change the seed if you want a different yield.  The chickens have come home to roost.

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