"People now have the potential to use social networking sites to connect, communicate and co-operate.

    New software or web-based applications are quickly being introduced with new ways to do things and old applications are just as quickly, being set aside or seen as obsolete.
    Here's something to consider, did you know that in spite of the economic and "Black in America" forecast being portrayed in the media, there is plenty of money in circulation and wealth is being accumulated every day? Yes it's true!" ~George Fraser


  • Chicago-Midwest

    I heard you before and I hear you now - and its all good. 

    I am up to - engaged in the process of Community Economic Development in the City of Gary, Indiana. 


    I believe community education will assist me in this process.  I teach now - what I have to those who desire to listen.


    I am up to - engaged in  establishing an institution - a place - permanent/stable location where community education can occur on a regular - consistent basis.

    • Thanks!!!
      Thank you for sticking with the conversation.

      I get that you are really big person who is up to big things in your community.
      Thank you for being out there making a difference.

      I invite you to use TheBlackList to share share yourself and what you are up to - build a community to support you - network.

      You can count on me to assist you in the promotion of the difference you are up to.

      Thank you for being here and out there.

    • Chicago-Midwest

      The work I do is captured on - please consider our invitation to join and contribute, as I will, with TheBlackList.


      Thank You for your sincere efforts.

    • I am disappointed.
      It seems that nothing makes a difference over where you are.

      Aisha, sorry, but now I got to be harsh.

      My brother, how are your business and your website going?

      You have an opportunity to stand up and promote your business and yourself along with all the rhetoric ALL YOU CAN DARE TO SAY ABOUT YOURSELF IS "The work I do is captured on - please consider our invitation to join and contribute, as I will, with TheBlackList."

      Dear brother, based on that why, why, why should anyone visit and participate if that's all you can say about yourself and your business.

      Please, please be generous in your sharing and your invitation.

      TheBlackList is not an individual.
      I am not TheBlackList.

      It matters little whether I as an individual visit your site.

      What you you give to have the other 7billion human being visit your site.

      "The work I do is captured on - please consider our invitation to join and contribute, as I will, with TheBlackList." is not enough.

      You got to sell and you got to network.

      TheBlackList exist to promote you and what ever is important to you.
      So help me help you.

      Please read my previous message to you and follow my recommendations.


    • Chicago-Midwest

      I AM TOO DISAPPOINTED AT HOW QUICKLY YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS...???   You state there no answers and this or that does not matter, except, it seems for your opinion and your recommendations. 

      I was invited to TheBlackList, I was not SOLD on joining TheBlackList, based on "some" information presented, I joined based on a view of what I preceived as positive information that could "possibly" benefit me and my "colleagues" in my work and I am learning what it has to offer. 

      You are not speaking to a child, Brother, I have been working to build community for years and I understand clearly that I or no one person has the significant answers, questions or recommendations to make "the" way a completely smooth path toward liberation.  However, I suggest you work at "BEING" civil and stop attempting to be the "Brain" who can evaluate all that comes your way.

      My invitation still stands to you or whoever wants to see and/or participate in progressive dialogue toward community economic development - it is not my position to sell anyone but only to share.

      And on the idea of being harsh - " Please!!!".



    • Chicago-Midwest

      Greetings Afrikans so varied yet the same,

      as we speak of networking, I've become aware of operating out of NYC, which helps individuals and companies create professional videos to be shown on sites like youtube.

      My question, do you know of any comparable Black companies doing the same in Chicago, IL? As I wish to produce about 42 videos on sites like youtube over 2012 and am looking for a package deal before this summer.

      Thank you for any insight,


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    • No. I do not know a video production company in Chicago.

      Please write and post an article introducing your business and what you are up to.

      I will then share and syndicate your article with entire network of TheBlackList.

      There are several members of TheBlackList from Chicago.
      Take a look around and meet them.

      I am looking forward to you sharing yourself and your business with us.


  • Instead of engaging in senseless rhetoric, and given that this is a Social Network, one could ask questions  that could really make a difference.

    Questions like:

    • How do I make networking work for me and my business and the things that are important to me?
    • How do make friends on this Social Network and have my friend support what I am up to?
    • How do I write and effective blog/article that both inform and promote my business and enterprise?
    • Etc, etc.....

    What's is the point of joining a social network when one neither socialize, make friends, build a community and a network to further one's business, enterprise and the things that are of interest to one.

    There are members who use this network to promote and build their business.
    Everyone has this ability. 

    Will you use it.

    So what are your interests?

    How do you see this SOCIAL NETWORK forwarding this things that are important to you?

    What questions could you ask that could have TheBlackList support and make your membership on this Social Network pay dividend for you?

    What will you be counted on for?

    What are you up to?

    How can we support you in fulfilling your vision?


  • DMV

    When if ever will we as a Diaspora ever be in a different status?

     I am past 40 and I dont see any change

    in our youth I see regression...Most arent interested in anything Afrocentric or Afrocentered...and Life is so much harder in the lagging economy!  I am tired my brother.....More tired than I have ever been.... is this what Dr King , Malcolm, Medgar and all the others died for??????? Where is the real progress?  I cant find it anymore....Obama was the biggest disappointment of my entire life.....after the hype!  Many of the afrocentric people I knew told me he was going to be a lie and I hoped for so much more......I am tired and sick .....I had never thought I would be in this mood!  But I am making plans to leave this Allah-forsaken country!!

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