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    I might not know or be right, but I trust my human and natural instinct. I believe in my natural rights and I believe in a God my ancestors believed in and if Jesus Christ is the God above all Gods, then along with my ancestors I must upgrade to arrive at the given solution. I cannot believe in anything that is not uplifting where my ancestors are concerned. I am convinced my existence is a result of who my ancestors were, hence, their belief compels me to conform, revise and be transformed in the energy in accordance to them. There are people who would say I am wrong. Give God the praise. Of course you have to give God the praise, but God came in the container of my ancestors, hence without the ancestors there is no vessel for God to exist. God said that we were created in his image, hence it is not my only image without my ancestors there is no image. To me God is self created and like Jesus we were all begotten. So my advice is for you to get in line with the ancestors and be with them whereever you go. The ancestors passed down natural laws and from them we must derive our human and civil rights. But of course you cannot derive anything from which you do not have knowledge or wisdom. Can you?

    My point is we cannot follow the monetary illusion of others without a monetary value of our own. Do get real and focus on how you will make the life you live complimentary to the ancestors that when you are no longer here physically there will not be a vacuum for the generation behind. Hence, my suggestion leave the Downing Street people to have their peace while you focus on the space you are in and how you can develop yourself in a well sustaining environment e.g. do not take all the money you work so hard to get and play your full week's salary or wage in the lotto, game or casino, do things for yourself e.g. make sure teeth are brushed, clothes are washed and ironed, there is at least a room for you to sleep, eat and do your natural bodily functions. Aim for a life of quality than chasing the illusion of what others have. Check into yourself! Keep a clean environment, a clean house, spend some time weeding, sweeping, mopping, removing the garbage, making your bed so you can have a clean and healthy surrounding. When last I checked there was no maid to clean up after us we just have to clean up for ourselves. I know for a fact that there are too many of us who only clean up on the job they are paid to do. Again check into yourself. It is said the life you make is your own! Nefertari A Ahmose.

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    Africans really are fumbling around our problems. Most of us really mean well but do not know what to do to take the necessary steps to help our people and are frustrated in compiling millions of writeups thinking that they are education us as Africans. Far from it. We are one of the most interesting people in this world. Unfortunately, most of us do not know that it has been only Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Dubois and perharps Malcolm X really understood Africans. We must use our history to organize us or leave us alone in our rot. Visit us at www.sada54.pth


    Kofi Agyapong


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British-born Nigerian poet Jennifer Uche Juwah releases her first poetry collection ‘Awakening’

Sharing her inmost thoughts, perspectives and feelings told poetic verses and lines, Jennifer Uche Juwah releases “Awakening” (published by AuthorHouse UK). This book of poetry draws inspiration from the Juwah’s life experiences, observations of the current world, aspirations, ideals, spirituality and raw self-expression. Each poem addresses a topic that most people know but cannot speak about. Through her words, the author and poet hopes to create a glow in the darkest and trying times. An…

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NO SHADE, a raw, fresh take on race and colorism in the UK in Competition for Best Narrative Feature at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival

NO SHADE Nominated for Best Narrative Feature Competition at 2019 Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles NO SHADE has already scooped the 2018 New York African Diaspora International Film Festival’s award for best film directed by a woman of colour.”— Artmattan Films  NO SHADE, a raw, fresh take on race and colorism in the UK has been nominated to compete in the Best Narrative Feature competition at the 2019 Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles where it…

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WINDRUSH CHILDREN - The Untold Story: Windrush Generation Exhibition, Library of Birmingham, UK - until 30th June 2018

WINDRUSH CHILDREN - The Untold Story @ Windrush Generation Exhibition @ Library of Birmingham 24th May - 30 June 2018 An exhibition that takes you on a journey that includes displays of the "Front-room",  clothes & fashion of the times, common foods and successful athletes and musical artists.  Ambassador Ras Seenaa Habte Wold presents a new dimension in a display telling the Windrush history in a new narrative through the eyes of a Rastaman over 20 large display panels.  Ras Seenaa also shares…

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Black Panther's African History + the Books to Prove It

Greetings, everyone,  This is another highly enjoyable, engaging and educational event from London Black History Walks.  If you want to learn about the practical, historical basis for The Black Panther Movie, take the opportunity to attend this event.  The next one will be held in London on 28th April. Go here for my review of this event.  Go here to read my review of The Black Panther Movie. With best wishes,Zhana

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