4479544393?profile=RESIZE_400xWith more than 30 years of experience on the market, Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is proud to be one of the leaders in the plant-based products industry. While making no medical claims, all of their products are natural and safe to use, prepared in an FDA-registered facility. Some of their products that stand out from the rest include Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus, which contains antioxidant-rich Chaparral, Dr. Sebi’s Green Food, which is a multi-mineral formula made with herbs from Africa, as well as Dr. Sebi’s Immune Support Herbal Tea, which contains the natural antioxidant present in elderberry. For more detailed info about these products and other Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food products, visit Dr. Sebi’s popular Nutritional Guide.

Recently, Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food has seen an increased interest in their plant-based products. This phenomenon is highlighted by the recent growth of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food online users fan base in March by more than 20% compared with its 6-month average.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food products are inspired by the 30 years of hands-on experience and accumulated knowledge of Dr. Sebi—a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist whose perspective on holistic wellness is grounded in a distinctly African approach rooted in natural remedies.

Over the years, Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food has thoughtfully cultivated their relationship with their numerous fans of the site and with their numerous fans from different social media networks. With more than one million followers on their Instagram page, Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food page is one the most followed pages on its category. The brand is regularly releasing guides, recipes, and blogs, and rewarding subscribers with opportunities to partake in special courses, such as their recently released free Immunity Boosting Micro-Training.

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About Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is a distinguished producer of plant-based supplements for those seeking positive pathways to improving their lives. They offer natural botanical compounds based on the formulations of their founder, Dr. Sebi. He began creating natural plant-based compounds meant to cleanse and revitalize the cells. This led to the establishment of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food, which has, for the last thirty years, continued Dr. Sebi’s commitment to providing natural ways to help people live a better life.


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