Today's Daily Word: Let Go, Let God

Let Go, Let God   Spirit provides me with all I need.   I often try to control what happens in my life; nevertheless, circumstances unfold sometimes in unexpected ways. While control may not always be mine, I can point myself in the direction I perceive to be highest and best, and trust God with the outcome. If I have been worrying, I choose a new path today. Worrying is not helpful. It only heightens my anxiety. I choose, instead, to experience the peace, love and guidance of the indwelling…

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Today's Daily word: HARMONY

HarmonyI live in harmony with all of God's creation.Whether at a mountain top or the ocean's depths, on a fertile plain or an arid desert, each life system maintains a delicate balance. Growth, rest and renewal can be seen in every corner of the earth. Human beings move freely among diverse regions and adapt wherever we go. We have a responsibility to use our understanding and wisdom to help maintain balance and harmony within the system.Harmony does not seek to destroy; it builds up and…

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Today's Daily word: STRESS-FREE

Stress-FreeI attune my soul to the melody of Spirit, and I am stress-free.The strings of a cello, guitar or harp can make no music without tension--but when too much pressure is applied, the sound is off key and the strings may even break. With the proper tuning, however, the same strings can produce beautiful music.Like the strings of an instrument, if the pressures of my family or workplace are high, I can experience stress. This provides an opportunity for growth and awareness.I turn within,…

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Today's Daily Word: EMPOWERED

EmpoweredI am energized and empowered as I rest in an awareness of God.At times I may not feel empowered to do anything at all. Rather, I may feel emotionally drained or unsure of myself. To remind myself of God's power within me, I stop and pray.Releasing the burden of worry or self-criticism, I allow myself to feel the presence of God. As I pray, I realize that I am a spiritual being. I have powerful and unique gifts to give to the world. I have divine strength and energy to do what is mine…

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Reflections from Meditations from the Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and other Conversations for living an Extra-ordinary life.

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  • South
    It is about fear. Control the people with fear and keep them enslaved due to afterlife fears. I often really wonder the accuracy of those who came back to life and claimed they were in hell for some moments. Isn't the idea of hell for eternity for religious folks? I often think this life is the real HELL!
  • "I tell you there is no such experience after death as you have contructed in your fear-based theologies," Mediations from Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch.
  • Very inciteful. In the West, we may get that these may have been the teaching of the Knostics the were excised from Christian Church. So now we know. What now?
  • Books like Conversations With God and A Course In Miracles offer a new perspective on spirituality and the divine. They provide a welcome alternative to the anthropomorphic arbitrary and mean spirited god of the Old Testament and the Eurocentric oppression we call religion. They challenge us to be more open minded and think of the divine in a broader, deeper more humane sense. In many ways they are similar to our ancient African ancestors and Native Americans in their comprehension of the divine. It is good you are offering Conversations With God at this time.
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