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Disaster and Diaspora: Caribbean Ties With Atlanta Strengthened Through Hardship

For many Caribbean nations, the Southeast U.S. is home to large diaspora populations who carry the cultural banner of their home islands and stay connected even after settling down here.   But the hardships of the last few years — and especially the shared experience of the COVID-19 pandemic —  have made it all the more essential to send help home.   Diplomats have since been working to better structure the ways they tap into diaspora communities as resources for recovery, four female consuls…

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What Makes Caribbean Food Special?, by Denny Phillips

The sea, sun and sand make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. But aside from the beautiful weather, the amazing landscape and the total Caribbean experience, Caribbean food is unique and appetizing. There is just something about that great spicy Caribbean flavor! Caribbean food is not like food from any other part of the world. The Italians have their pasta, the French their pastries, wine and rich cuisines, the English their 'bangers and mash' and China has its egg rolls, but the…

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JAMAICA and USA: "Can Political Violence Exist in a Democracy?" - - Victor A Dixon

The spread of political unrest in countries across the world has prompted fears about the growth of political violence in democratic societies. There is a theory that political violence is the sort of thing a democracy is supposed to prevent and if it occurs it will be remedied by the exercise of voting, the protection of individual rights by the courts or by civil disobedience. The examples of Jamaica and the US dispel this proposition. JAMAICA Since the 1980's there has been a long-standing…

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How rich Nigerians are buying citizenship in Caribbean nations to beat visa rules

For most Nigerian businessmen, holding a Nigerian passport raises a red flag and would often require extra documentation for validation. Nigeria is placed 95 on the annual Henley Passport Index which ranks the world’s passport according to the countries they can visit without a prior visa. Ranked 95, Nigerian passport holders can visit two fewer countries now than they could in 2010 without a visa. Faced with such difficulties, wealthy Nigerians are buying citizenship in Caribbean nations to…

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Belize: Chaa Creek Is Calling On Young Artists Worldwide To Enter Its Color Belize Art Competition

With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing so many young people around the world to stay indoors, The Lodge at Chaa Creek has launched its Color Belize Art Competition as a way to encourage young people to constructively use their time, and perhaps win a Belize vacation for their family.Belize’s The Lodge at Chaa Creek has launched an international arts competition to encourage young artists to use their newfound indoor time constructively, and to help remind the world of nature’s beauty.“With the…

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  • NYMetro
    Sure we want doctors, engineers. But when you do not enjoy to a maximum the rights and entitlement within any nation. You will find that others will discriminate against you and even though you have the skills of a well trained and good doctor. I say Black women and women in particular, "Think princess" You have been abused for too long. Being a princess you will know entitlements and have the good life.
  • Thank you, Ras Doc Rico.

  • South

    More Power and Blessings to you in your work.


  • South
    Delete Comment http://www.ifconews.org/

    For those who may have wondered about or have children with dreams of traveling and becoming doctors etc. This is an opportunity that will not only provide the correct info, but also will give those who sincerely want to give back to thier perspective communities the skills to do so.

    What you will find here is not the program the Pres Obama, is speaking of in amerikkka his call for volunteers to help build the amerikka, preparing to run run 26-30 millinon of its Africans off of the face of the earth.

    Rather, this is a call that has been forthcoming since 1998 from the leader of a country that has never done anything but help oppressded nations and its peoples.
    In reality the real answer to what YOU can do for YOUR people.and your perspective country. via providing the best health care possible minus the spin.
    Case in point
    On January 27th 2010 i left the comfort of my home, telling my partner and family in Cuba and the US that i was going on a mission. i did this in order to make sure that no tears were shed and no fears were shown, because Haiti needed me and Cuba called for volunteers.

    Had it not been for the training i recieved in prev years in Cuba after my US training in the 70's, i would never had known how to respond.
    Now, whenever that call comes, i remember the words..DO NO HARM.

    In Please contact IFCO for application forms or more additional information:

    Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)

    418 West 145th Street

    New York, NY 10031


    212/926-5842 (fax)



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