Black People - PLEASE STOP - Just complaining about our condition (or do less complaining) and do something to improve the quality of Black Lives!

The National New Afrikan Elections are held every three years. They provide a unique opportunity to continuing building the governmental structure needed to win independence, state power, for those in the historic Black Nation who want it. From Friday, October 23, thru Sunday, October 25, 2020 New Afrikan People (i.e., Black people) in america who consider themselves part of the historic "Black Nation" can vote in the New Afrikan elections. They will freely elect officers of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PG-RNA).

["Provisional" means "temporary" or, in this case, "pre-independence."] Since 1968 the Provisional Government has worked to bring into existence a powerful and independent New Afrikan state in North america.  Malcolm X is viewed as a Founding Father of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika.

Our purpose is to provide our people with a real path to world dignity and respect.  Our purpose is to secure for our people an overall better quality life.  Our purpose is to do this by winning state power and sovereignty for New Afrikan people over land in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

The United States has vigorously and violently opposed this work.  In 1971, they attacked us in MedgarEversville, MS (mcc Jackson) with arms.  When one of them died in that attack and two others were wounded, the United States and Mississippi sent the 11 of our leaders (RNA-11) to jail for years.  But the work has resumed in earnest, particularly in the Black counties of Mississippi and Louisiana.

All of us, as New Afrikan People, should take this opportunity to advance the work for Black Independence, for land and power and a better quality life.  This can be done by voting in the New Afrikan Elections - October 23 - 25, 2020.  All New Afrikan are called on to help to find serious Black People, who are dedicated to winning independence and power, to vote for candidates for President, three Vice Presidents and Local District Reps & Judges.

For more details, please contact - Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu – email: medistrictcouncil@gmail.com; Landline # 769-572-7441; Baba James Rodgers III – email: brorodgers3@peoplepc.com; or Baba Alvin V. Brown – email: alvin.abantu@gmail.com

Asinia Lukata Chikuyu
Sat 9/26/2020



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