News headlines tell chilling stories about the epidemic of femicide, defined as the killing of a woman or girl because of gender. But the good news is that women around the globe have been coming out in record numbers to demand justice and an end to the violence.

      Activists from different nations and time zones will examine these issues at an International Women’s Day event, Women Rise Up Globally Against Femicide,” on Saturday, March 13 at 4pm PST/7pm EST, which is Sun., March 14, 11am in Australia. The event is hosted by Radical Women in the U.S. and Australia.    

     The four-person video panel will discuss women’s cross-border upsurge and address how to stop gender-based violence. Speakers bring a range of perspectives. Amelia Kirk-Harkinis a union activist, tradeswoman, artist and member of Melbourne Radical Women. Eréndira Munguía, from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, is a college mathematics professor and activist with Partido Obrero Socialista (Socialist Workers Party). Earth-Feather Sovereign, of the Confederated Colville Tribes, is a founder of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington. Charlotte Strauss Swanson is a doctoral researcher in psychology, gender, and social justice at the University of Tennessee.

     As Eréndira Munguía states, "Since the wave of femicides in the 1990s in Ciudad Juárez, two characteristics have persisted: the vast majority of the victims are poor women and there is enormous government negligence, which leaves the door open to impunity." The most recent killing to rock Mexico is the abduction, torture and death of a 7-year old girl in Mexico City, whose body was found February 14.

     Spikes in domestic violence under COVID are reported across the U.S. and in other countries. Charlotte Strauss Swanson believes that “we must understand femicide as a reflection of the extreme brutality of patriarchy and the capitalist system that further marginalizes and oppresses women and other vulnerable communities.”

     International Women’s Day was initiated in 1910 by German socialist Clara Zetkin to commemorate a strike by women textile workers in New York City who were demanding safe working conditions, higher wages, and an end to the 12-hour day. Since then, it has been celebrated around the world and in the U.S. Participants may register to attend at Information: 206-985-4621,




February 25, 2021
From:                      Radical Women
                               5018 Rainier Ave S.
                               Seattle, WA 98118

 Contact:                 Gina Petry
                                Office: 206-722-6057
                                Cell: 206-697-0142

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