Organization is a derivative of “organism” and organism is defined as “mutually interdependent parts functioning together.”  Ethics is required in any organization.  It is the glue that binds members of an organization.  Blacks must consciously practice ethics.  The absence of ethics accrues to an absence of organizations.


            Blacks are not taught ethics in public schools and few Blacks elect to take ethics courses in college.  Instead, Black children are taught obedience in public schools.  Ethics is concerned about relationships and the duties arising from relationships.  During the four hundred years of enslavement of Africans in America, the relationship between the slaveholders and Blacks was based on obedience.


            When Chief Justice Roger Taney stated, in dictum, that “No Negro has any rights that whites are bound to respect”, he was actually talking about duties.  The master-slave relationship is all about duties.  Rights do not exist in the equation.  Between whites, it is a two-way relationship.  It is a rights-duties relationship.  Between whites and Blacks, it means a one-way relationship. It is rights for whites and duties for Blacks.  Enslavement of Blacks imposed no relationship and no rights and no duties between each other.


            When Blacks were given the right to vote, they were not given voter education.  Even today, too many of us approach polling booths like our ancestors approached the cotton and tobacco fields.  They put everything into those fields and made no demands for their labor.  This practice gave rise to “plantation politics.” This must be corrected.


            This behavior can also be explained mathematically.  Four basic operations exist: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  For example, too often, Blacks practice subtraction and division against their own people and, on the other hand, practice addition and multiplication for whites.


            “Black Solidarity Day” 2020 is officially November 2.  However, Black solidarity should be internalized and conscientiously practiced daily throughout the year.  Group choices should reflect self-determination, which is a perquisite of independence and financial stability. Our own independent political party for example, will empower us with leverage to bargain successfully and to make contracts. On the other hand, the two-party system has militated against the Black people’s ability to self-actualize and to thrive as a community.


A.  Community Advocacy - Self-help

            1. "Code of Ethics" for the Black Community

            2.  Development a Black, National Plan (Think Tank)

                         a.  Goals

                         b.  Timetables

                         c.  Strategies

                         d.  Tactics


            3.  Organize! Organize! Organize!

                           a.  Political Party

                           b.  Special Interest Groups

                           c.  Public [Interest] Pressure Groups


            4.  Public Affairs Programming on Media Stations on Sundays

            5.  Ban $ilver Rites Attorneys and Leaders

            6.  Rankings of Black Professionals and Leaders by Community Achievements


B.  Education - A National Black Brain Trust

            7.  Study of Self-Determination

            8.  End Educational Malpractice in the Public School System

            9.  Black Teachers Matter 

            10.  End the Disenfranchisement of Black Parents in School Systems

            11.  Establish African-centered Law Schools

            12.  Sleep-away Summer Camps       

            13.  Teacher Residency Requirements in Black Communities

            14.  Commission for a Black Dictionary

            15.  Study of Historical Figures in the Black Struggle

            16.  Study of "Waste”

            17.  Advocate and Lobby for “Historically Black Colleges and Universities”         

            18.  A National Black Journal

            19.  End the Derogation of Black Culture for Profit

            20.  Study "Cause and Effect"

            21. List of “Classic” Black Literature



C.      Business Development - "Forty Acres and a Mule" (Public Lands)

            22.  End the Practice of Financing and Endorsing Our Own Oppression

            23.  An Appreciation of "Debits" and "Credits" in the Black Community

            24.  Establish and Expand Public Interest Law Firms

            25.  Freedom Fund:  War Chest

            26.  Produce a Black Calendar for the Celebration of Black Holidays (365 days)

            27.  A Network of "Slave Theaters"

            28.  Voting Daily with Your Dollars Matters

            29.  Youth Summer Employment

            30.  Ownership of NFL Teams


            31.  Ownership of NBA Teams

            32.  Mutual Aid Societies

            33.  A Banking Policy for the Black Community

            34. Housing Policy for the Black Community

            35.  An Environmental Policy for the Black Community


D.  Politics- Issues Oriented

            36.  “Stop Putting All Eggs in One Basket”

            37.  Develop an African-centered National Political Party

            38.  Deregulation in the Formation of Political Parties

            39.  End the Practice of "Plantation Politics"

            40.  A Permanent Freedmen's Bureau

            41.  End Political Malpractice in the Political System

            42.  Separation of Church and State


  We need to internalize and practice  HELP:  (History Ethics Logic Philosophy).  HELP, which constitutes the "four corners" of a contract, and is the sine qua non of capitalism.  History represents the frame of reference.  Ethics is the “glue” that binds all us together.  Logic is the ability to think critically and collectively.  Philosophy forms our belief system:  "Race First."


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