FYI: We need to OWN some of our issues

Black People - PLEASE STOP - Just complaining about our condition 
(or do less complaining) and do something to improve the quality of Black Lives!
A group of Wazee (Elders) was proposed that the Black Conscious Community take ownership of some of the issues that are devastating our community.  We hope that some of you will join us in mapping out a practical strategy for reducing, and eventually eliminating, those issues.
Here's some of the thangs We wanna see taking on a National Black Live:
National Clean-up Our Hood Day, 
a National Black Consciousness Rising Home-schooling Initiative, 
a Connecting the Hood to HBCUs Project, 
a Black STEM Initiative and 
a Lifting-up Men With Melanin Pilot Project
More to come soon.
Baba A. Lukata Chikuyu
The People's Injustice Agitator




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