Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

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Yes we can!

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  • Georgia

    Thank you for your comments. I admire your frankness and your courage to analyze the societal matters and issues that are erroneously presented to us. You are absolutely correct in your thought process - - we must exercise our authority to identify the societal propaganda that is handed down, just as we often do as it pertains to non-relevant matters. Your thoughts are definitely considered and on point.

    Keep the comments coming!

    Take Care,
  • Chicago-Midwest
    as a vocalist, lyricist, performer, and artist, i really appreciate the power, effort and energy it took to put that together...

  • after all the snooping around in places where afrikan people haven't the slightest idea of anything political when it comes to power and control, disguised as democracy, it is understandable that the overwhelming majority of afrikans-n-amerikkka, who call themselves afrikan-amerikkkans, have the sentiments and hopes that they do, in the interest obama becoming the first negro president in the history of the united snakes of amerikkka.

    black folk won't allow a jewelry dealer to sell them a phony gold necklace. black folk won't allow a clothing store to sell them a phony polo short or fendi bag. nope, black folk won't have it. nadda. but, when it comes to electoral politics, you can sell black folk anything. you could put a pig in a dress, and black folk would no longer believe it is a pig. they would immediately stop seeing that a pig was in the dress, in disguise for a certain purpose-their continued enslavement, politically, economically, socially, historically and religiously.

    until black folk start seeing that there are people methodical and clever enough to dress a pig up in a dress and still see that it is a pig, black folk as collective mass ain't gonna get nowhere. and the so-called black leadership knows full well what i've come to understand through careful study of politrics aka politics. only the black version of a white middle class amerikkka, which ain't but a few of us when the overall afrikan landscape is taken into account, will benefit from the behind the scenes well-crafted and orchestrated presidential run that obama appears to be on the surface. again, a pig in a dress unable to be made out by a black population that can't see the forest for the trees, a black population that can't tell their asses from their brainstems.

    but, the blame falls squarely on the weak negro shoulders of a false concept of black leadership. we're in a further deepening crisis, one that will keep getting deeper and deeper, where we're in direr need of another malcolm x or george jackson, while the jesse jacksons of the black world should no longer be acceptable. doesn't it seem mighty strange that all the brothas and sistars who called for black self-determination and revolution against the enemy state have either been assassinated or are political prisoners/of war, while the likes of jesse jackson (with the exception of mlk and medgar evers) with his keep hope alive and up with dope down with dope bullshit and the other other civil rights negroes haven't had a hair touched on their heads?

    it will only seem strange and even unthinkable to those of us who haven't done any homework on any of the so-called black leaders and their hidden agenda-to keep the black masses, in particular the afrikan youth, from tearing things apart, the minute some genuine afrikan revolutionary, who's willing to die for the people, that same afrikan genius, whom j. edgar hoover was referring to when he said that the government of the united snakes of amerikkka must make sure do not rise up from among the abyss of afrikan and oppressed people.

    here's what's going to happen, and so be it. there will be not only a deepening gulf between the rich and the poor, there will be deepening gulf between the so-called black and bourgeois middle class, which is nothing more nothing less than a buffer for white supremacy, and the rest of us black folk, who are considered as outcasts and viewed with contempt of scorn.

    the ole divide and conquer rule among afrikans-n-amerikkka will have reached it's climax, it's ultimate peak of the objective of disunity, drawing lines of black demarcation that will grow to be irreconcilable, if middle class black folk continue to avoid, deny and stonewall the real issues and realities that we have to face in order to get genuine and sovereign freedom.

    like malcolm x once stated there is nothing wrong with getting an educational degree in whatever the case may be. the problem is when black folk get their degrees they
  • Georgia
    Thanks Ken.
  • NYMetro

    In Love and Struggle
    Ken Heard
    Onward to the Election of the Candidate to Represent the American People the Best, Barack Obama!!!

    And to all, a Good Night.
  • NYMetro

    First we have to stop this point by point false information on the position of the Obama campaign.

    And this is present message is posted from one who is not a Democratic party staff person.

    We have to be honest with our information or we fall into the camps of the racists with out thoughts and spills and rants which may seem calm, but give us as much clarity as the likes of Campbell Brown at CNN or Rush Limbow, and Shawn Kennedy (excuse the spellings please.)

    We are better than that.

    Let's just take one point.

    Gay Marriage.

    George W. Bush has been seen on tape stating that he was in support of Gay Marriage in the last presidential election - and that is not all - he was very adamant about it and stated it in at least two locations. This was broadcast over national television! More on that later.


    Not because his vice president, Richard Chaney, had a daughter who stated she was a person practicing an "alternative lifestyle" but because there were a number of Republican Gay groups - yes Republican, which offered G. W. Bush their support in that election - and were really interested in their push for the issue against the Democratic candidate at that time, John Kerry, thus even now giving cover to the Republicans in their false family values red-neck crud.

    This is fact.

    Even red-necks would not even stand for that.

    Here in Philadelphia, the Republican group in question was the Log Cabin and there were a number of other in a number of cities across the United States.


    Interestingly, the Philadelphia Gay News, posed the question as well and pushed it forth as this was owned by a Republican who then attempted the same maneuver in the present campaign with the Obama grouping.

    The general lesbian and gay population was projected to vote 60% democratic, 40% republican in the past presidential election and a great deal of discussion went on nation wide with the result in the camps of the so-called-"alternative relationships" not to press for so-called-gay marriage and to press for the civil partnerships instead.


    So here we are.

    In this presidential election, we find that both McCain and Obama have stateed in the debates that were held across America that they both support civil partnerships, not exactly in that language, but as equality of all people to have rights of access to their partners and to have the same benefits as all other Americans in this country between their partners.


    Go see the video clips of the debates and stop this insane infusion of false information on the internet, especially to people who will not check as they have some fear of the so-called "alternative relationship" existing in this land.

    Back to the television.

    Have talked to a number of religious people who supported George W. Bush in the past presidential campaign and found they refuse to go to see the tapes of their president in the last election coming out for gay marriage!

    People refuse to believe the truth when they are invested emotionally in a issue, and "alternative relationships" are about the best way to get people emotionally invested against a Democratic candidate according to the Republicans.

    But George W. Bush stated he supported gay marrage.

    If you press the republican party people anywhere on the question they will waffle.

    This is fact.

    We are not talking about two or three people here, but a mass of folk who refuse to believe their president, a Republican, would allow such a remark to pass his lips.

    He did it because he knew he would lose the last election. He knew it and buckled to win his base in gay sectors, which is not large this time when we look at the position of a John McCain.

    Let us get real here and stop this false information.

    Check the other points, there are at least half which are expressed incorrectly and spread false rumor before people know how and where to check the data.

    Please go to:
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