Swine Flu: The Jig is Up ! Come, Send your message to Our World Leaders on 9/11/09

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Spread this page as far as you feel inspired to. Youtube doesn't let me share so it's up to you guys to get out the word and make this happen. Peace.


See The US Swine Flu Patent Dated: 08/28/09
According to the WHO website:Ways were sought to shorten the time between the emergence of a pandemic virus and the availability of safe and effective vaccines.One such method used in Europe is to conduct advance studies using a mock-up vaccine that contains an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations.When testing these mock-up vaccines, it is very possible to release the novel influenza virus into the population, as its purpose is to mimic the novelty of a pandemic virus and greatly expedite regulatory approval.Government officials have other tricks up their sleeves to ensure these new, barely tested vaccines easily make it to market as well, such as:Labeling the vaccine a strain change rather than an entirely new vaccine. This method states the new vaccine has built on technology used to produce vaccines for seasonal influenza, and the change for the pandemic vaccine is similar to a strain change used to produce a new seasonal vaccine each flu season.In the United States, vaccine manufacturers are required to submit fewer data if they already have a licensed flu vaccine and will use the same manufacturing process for the pandemic vaccine.Using a rolling review procedure. This allows manufacturers to submit sets of data for regulatory review as they become available. In other words, theyre free to distribute the vaccine and then submit the safety data later on.

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