Stop the Violence - Hip Hop & R&B Video

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In the Black community in particular and America and the world in general, genocide is being committed via homicide due to the effects of post traumatic slavery syndrome and disobedience to civil and spiritual laws. We must reverse this! Kamal and Niva drop the medicine on you in a way that you can easily digest it. Check it out!Hot beat and tight rhymes. Fly girl singing hot R&B riffs, but what makes this song the hottest new hip hop anthem is the subject matter that is needed in today's hip hop community and world at large. With the violence that has been plaguing America, much props is given to Niva, Kamal Supreme and Jonathan L (producer onCdbaby,Itunes, Amazon, Rapsody, Spotify, Last FM and more 3-16-13.Support Good Music!For bookings at your school or organization contact admin@newblackmusic.netHot hip hop lyrics from KamalWhere's Ya Set?Hip Hop Lyrics For My ThugsWhere's Ya Set When your wet in the ambulette?Left for dead, heads singing to the feds, where's ya soldiers at when the guns clap, the blood splatsThe blocks hot, you got locked, your dogs incognitoIn witness protection yoBabies die, mother's cry another funeralWho's to blame? All you ever shared was painWhere's the love? You spreadin blood over ghetto terrainIt's a shame you won't walk on the positive planesTime to man up and follow your dreams for a change.You think you built for this?But at the end of the dayDon't let your set fool youThere's a better wayStop the violence!*Lyrics from spoken word poet, hip hop lyricist and youth mentor Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme. From the song "Stop the Violence" with Niva on NewBlackMusic.netBless the Mic Innertainment ©20131. Holy Bible KJV John 3:15 "Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."This poem leads to the conclusion that there is everything to loose from engaging in criminal activities. Many young people in the inner cities and suburbs say "We'll I have nothing to loose" because they don't seem to have what the next man or woman has, but in fact your precious life is extremely valuable. It is your gift from the Creator. You were meant to be here to be more than a drug dealer, pimp, thief, gangster or criminal. The criminal life will lead you to jail or the cemetery.It may look like it's hard to get out of your situation but with a laser beam like focus on academic and career goals and dreams you can achieve them by taking one step at a time. The main key of course is education. It may not be the route to fast money, but think long term, be patient and keep the faith.Find yourself a trade school or college. You can learn anything from being a computer programmer, to a hair stylist/barber, mechanic, nurse, plumber, lawyer or anything that you can conceive.You also must realize that trying to impress your friends and the peers around you is not the way. Because you will find that in a few years they probably won't even exist in your life. So the people you're trying to impress won't even be around you anymore. Therefore, you need to focus on your goals. In other words, get right and do you!Bless the Mic InnertainmentJoin us on blessthemicmagazine.ning.comTo contact Director-Poet-Youth Mentor and motivational speaker Kamal Imani for bookings, interviews and information contact Mr. Kevin Barksdaleat 201-923-9213 and Facebook "Kamal.Imani"Music "Stop the Violence" by Kamal Supreme & Niva the Soul Diva (Google Play • iTunes • eMusic • AmazonMP3),Category Music,

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