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Spoken Word Lyrics:You could call me on my cell phoneAn If you do your research it aint hard to tellThat a Black Man Henry T Sampson invented the gamma electric cellAnd Shirly Ann Jackson PHD, made the caller ID, Call Waiting and the touch tone phone.The Black Inventor Gerald A Lawson Rocks, he invented the console for the Wii, playstation and X box.We rock, glasses at the movies, Marc Hannah made it easy for us to see flicks in 3D!Putting that butter on popcorn, don’t forget your favorite dip.As we give thanks to George Crum, for making those delicious potato chips.And to make sure your snacks don’t start decaying, Frederick M Jones invented mobile refrigeration.Now I’m all the way up, tell this to the haterzA black man, Alexander Miles made the modern elevator!Jay Z, 50, Weezy, Meek Millz, Rick Ross, Nikki, Drake who’s the best?Give props for the makers of the mic Gerhard Sessler and James West!In Jordans, Ewings, Timbs, Gators we wanna be seenMade easily with Marzeligers shoe lasting machine***THE CREATIVE MIND IS IN YOUR DNA, LET’S GIVE IT UP FOR THE BLACK INVENTORS TODAY!We got Percy L Julian – scientist, known as the forgotten geniusHe invented the “process of synthesis”. His work led to birth control and cortisone improvements.Most of us don’t like needles, but we give thanksTo Charles Drew who created the blood banksPatricia Baths a sister you must knowShe made the laserphaco, a laser cataract probeWe got Phillip Downing with the mailboxGeorge Washington CarverHere’s a few things he made with the peanut:Flour, soap, skin lotion, shaving cream, paper, wall board, woodstain and much more nah mean?And when the trains weren’t running on the track smooth and clean,Elijah, the Real McCoy made the railroad lubricating machine.We made the cardiopad and the spectrograph, the traffic light and the gas maskWhen you really think of it, it will make you shake and shiverJust how much your infinite mind can deliverWe could go on like the upward flow of the Nile RiverJust don’t forget those NASA sisters from Hidden Figures!And they’re not aloneSo let’s talk black facts, when you call me on the cell phone!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-L7RFL0JRU

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