REV. JAMES DAVID MANNING - The Last 100 days

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REVEREND JAMES DAVID MANNING Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers: Beloved, the video below by pastor Manning is very interesting to watch, but if you watch that video with favortism one way or the other for Obama, you will, as the reverend manning, will be doing a disservice to the Black Nation. Now, why do I share such insight with you concerning this Black Man the reverend Manning, in his tirade against an Afrikan American name Obama, and he is running seriously for the presidency of an America that is no more. Beloved, as you know, I have clearly expressed by concern about Obama and I have given to you my reasons for the position I take in reference to Obama and my Missives are always addressed to you Black People concerning Obama, but this buffon, the reverend Manning serve as a clear and precisely Good example and present danger, representing the mental condition of Black People in America. Now everything the reverend is saying is not to be dismissed totally and completely, but by most Black people it will, because when it come to Obama it is our irrational emotion that is clouding our judgment about Obama, but even I, in all of my reservation of Obama can not stand in support of this venom that the reverens Manning is spewing out, not in favor of Obama, but in favor of America and in condemnation of not only Obama, but of certain middle and the lower class Black People. Much of what the reverend is saying about Obama and those Black Organizations and MLK, and those other Black Americans integrationist he listed, claiming that Obama is repudiating their image and civil rights work, they whom I take to be of the same dimenision of Obama in term of what Obama represent to Black Nationalism and Afrika redemption in America and Afrika, is not true, Obama is a spitting image of those people the reverend sight in his sermon. But you see, that is not what reverend Manning is doing, the reverend speech is not to Black People in America, he care less about certain class of Black People and he represent a disconnect, a division between the so call Black Middle Class, they that were spawned out from the Civil Rights rebellion. So the reverend can care less about what the Black Nationalist Think, just as he care less what certain Middle class Afrikan Americans believe about him, because the reverend sermon is not to Black people, it is to white people, he know he can not disquade Black people from voting for Obama, his politics are about getting McCain elected and he know he must be able to incite white people to vote against Obama, that is what the reverend sermon is about. No, the reverend Manning sermon is not to you irrational Obama Supporters, he care less about what you believe and say about him, his mission is to appeal to White folks patrotism, in hope it will sway many of them not to vote for Obama. But I must say that the reverend Manning and Obama has one thing in common, they both are threats to the Ideology and philosophy of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, and any so call Black Afrikan out to dismantel the Garvey Philosophy, is an enemy to the dignity and liberation of the Black Nation, meaning, to the reverend Manning and Obama, Black Is Not Beautiful anymore and Race is only an illusion in their mind. As I have shared my position toward the Obama run for president, I know what an Obama presidency will do to America, I know why it is that Black people are in a craze over Obama and that is why I state my support for Obama, an Obama presidency will bring back the rise of Garvey Black Nationalism, so the greatest enemy I see here, is the bufoonery and shenigan of the likes of the reverend Manning in America and throughout the Black World. Hoteph Osiris Chief Elder

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  • Georgia
    I am very sorry I could not sit and listen to this clown, he made my blood curl. it was like being in the feild sneaking up to a window listening to the house nigger telling the slave monster we are making plans to do something and the monster pats him on the head like a good little dog that he is and say job well done nigger. I know what he is saying is not for us per-say, however, it does show how lots us us still think the slave monster it GOD! Obama is going to win not because we want or not want him to win, he going to win because amurdikkka has a plan for a NEW WORLD ORDER in which this does not concern US. Amurdikka know by having a black man in office here he has more access to the world. Nelson Mandela was a test for the money makers of the world. think about the 60's the black family had to be separated before we could get any help. what was the first thing Mandela did when he got out of jail? everything we do is conditional to how clear we are about our history, the more we know the lesson we get. like I would tell any one I have never voted in my life and i am 52 years. I don't think I'm going to start it make no differents to me who win they both work for the same oppressive government.
    david manning is a complete retard so to listen to a fool that makes no sense at all is like listening to a bag of hammers talking about feathers. all of us know clearly hammers don't don't talk so why sit and try to wait for them to make sense? he is a waste of time!
  • DMV
    As sad as it is, we've had traitors of our race since our Maafa started, here in the Western hemiphere; The Reverend Manning is no different. As Dr. John Hnerik Clarke would describe, " He is a disgrace to the skin he wears. " Now, of course I understand that Obama won't do much, if anything for the Black community, but at least it will be some feel good, if he is elected (selected) Ma'at Hetepu,Olatunji Mwamba
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