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Peace, Did you get the memo? The Million Man March Song by Kamal Supreme Bless the Mic/RevolutionaryArt! roads lead to Washington DC on 10-10-15The 20th Anniversary of the Million Man MarchDid you get the memo?Check out Kamal Supreme's Lyrics and hot conscious hip hop and spoken word song!It's the Final call, We're calling you all back!It's the Final call, We're calling you all back!See, there comes a time in a mans life, when he goes from being boys to menHe goes from irresponsibilty to responsibilityand I have learned that, all ethnicities work together as a teamin order to survive and to acheive thier dreamsbut it seems, that we didn't get the memoSo here you go!Open up your hearts and minds and receive the memoThe memo saysFirst we need moralitysecondly we need economics, money, financial prosperityand lastly we need self defenseto protect our people from enemies who have it in their satanichearts, to exterminate us and tear us apart!So now you have itYou have the memoMan up, woman upgrab itWe're not supposed to be fighting and killing one anotherWe are oneWe are to cultivate and protect our women and childrenThat's what you should be doing with your gunsget that hate and envy for your brother and sister out or your spiritThe inner voice has the keys to your success but you can only hear itWhen you get the devil out of your heart-now clear it!We are the children of the sunwe're from where it's warm, fruit is born and for the collectivewe sacrificeBut we took on the habits of the children of the iceWhere they use the ego, the club, the gun and the knifeto approach and sustain lifeWe are born in, their culture of sin, so we're paying the priceof being individualistic, narcissistic, egotistic, misogynisticand this is all we know, so we think it's realistic, but yo...But we can build a new worldby uniting our minds, hearts, souls, networks and capitalistics!We will be victorious against this opponentMy people, we were born for this moment!So Walk together soldiers, don't ya get wearyat times it may get hard---------but we will be the winners in the endfor we are the Royal Assembly of God!We need to be one people, That's what it's all about people!Download on Bandcamp! on Itunes, Amazon,Spotify, Tidal, Cdbaby and more 8/26/2015

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