Living Under Water New-Hip Hop - Kamal

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"Living Under Water' has a phat hook, dope conscious lyrics and a jazzy hip hop beat.For those who love real hip hop!I feel like, were living under waterthe tempertures getting warmer all the timeIn this cipher it's like my peoples living under water,If I say I can't breathe, why the man slaughter?wecan't let this stress go, like a hoarderwe're under scrutiny like mexicans at the borderYou calling her a thot,-- but some man taught herA real man, would a fought for herleave her round me, and you'll see, she'll be a mgt a wifeyLike denise williams, we got to be freethe revolutions when boys become menand we'll put Osirus back together againPeace Ak, we're living in a melting potHere come the cops yo the block is hotWe try'd to tellem what matters is black livesbut they already desensitized---some dem want us sanitized---they don't wanna see these little Gods risebut we gonna keep our eyes on the prizeWe gonna get that paperwe gonna get that guopgonna unify and keep rising to the toplil gangster acting all sinisterYou need to get instructions from the ministerMartial law yo, they coming to finish ya500 years of trying to diminish yasand is slippin from the hour glass listenconcentration camps another word for prisonYo say you don't care yo, that's your decisionyou need to man up and get some ambitionDownload on Bandcamp!

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