Getaway from Corona Quarantine Freestyle Rap - kamal supreme

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Lyrics Kamal Imani (Getaway from Corona Qurantine)


I gotta getaway, the corona got me home a like a loner, where my peoples at?

I pick up the phone a, to check on the home team, cause they in quarantine

Now I know what apocalypse mean

gotta put on the armor of God cause times is hard, I’m scarred

it’s like we behind bars

well, not that bad, but this shit is a drag

well, not not that bad, but this shit is sad

depressing, so yo, start studying lessons

and let the scriptures hit ya before the demons get ya

maintain, elevate and activate brain cells

prepare to make money off things you do well

to our lost relatives may God bless ya,

Poor out a little liquor for our ancestors

and when it’s all over and the fat ladies sang

I hope we learned the lesson, we all in the same gang

They might have to slow down the technology

Keep your body alkaline, increase your frequency

So many problems in the world today---

If you feel like me

Yo, You gotta getaway

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Getaway   Kamal Supreme © April 2020

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