Empowering Our Own Community By Our Actions First- By Ingram Jones

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Empowering Our Own Community By Our Actions First- Thoughts about "Black Lives Matter" and how we as a community can come together and help one another rathe...

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  • Thanks very much for posting this.  We can, to a certain extent, blame the white man and the white woman for the current state of Black communities.  Black people have been brainwashed to hate ourselves and distrust each other.  We need to go through a healing process before we can begin to reach our full potential.  For more about this, see:  Why We Need to Heal.  I blog about the need for a healing process all the time. 

    Having said this, of course we each need to take individual personal responsibility for our actions.  We are responsible for our healing process.  Nobody else can do this for us.  And when our communities are thriving, every community will benefit.  For more about this, see:  "War on the Black Community?". 

    Of course Black lives matter.  And of course, all lives matter.

  • Caricom

    I appreciate the challenge you have issued to all of us. Indeed, there is much we can do to help each other, yet seem unable or unwilling to do it. IMHO the basic reason we are unable to unite and improve our situation is a biblical prophecy being fulfilled upon us. Nevertheless, on an individual and personal basis, we must be the change we want to see in the world during this turbulent period in human history. Shalom, my brother.

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