Do Not Support Barack Obama's Reelection, 1 of 2

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Dr T West commentary on the betrayal of Barrack Obama..

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    Rodger, I said he is not fit to tie Dr Kings shoes, if you are still sufferring from the illusion that the popular vote elects so called presidents ie, CEO's of U.S. INC, then there is not much I can tell you any way.  Electoral votes S-elect presidents not popular votes which are worthless since the black box counts them and if the real rulers of this bankrupt defacto Gov want him in a second term, he will be there regardless of who you vote for. Those you listed as though I suggested any of them are an alternative  are just those running to take their place as the next stooges and puppets for the non-elected Gobal Elites.

    Vote all you want, the flight plan doesn't change...

    USA vs US


    The Truth as I see it--The original government and the corporate government are not the same.
  • DMV
    Okay . . . So you are saying that we should not support the President's reelection? Who then should we support . . . Romney, Cain, Bachman, Perry, etc? Yeah, right!
  • This judas is not worthy of tying Dr Kings shoes!!!!

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