Cornell West Goes OFF on Obama (Video)

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"Dr. Cornel West says that President Barack Obama doesn't deserve to be sworn in for his second term as President of the United States with his hand on the b...

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  • West

    Hadassadajah C. Akusani,

    I cannot assume I know why President Obama favors the usage of drones in lieu of sending a multitude of american soldiers to fight against terrorism.  At one time I too favored it, but became concerned about the consequences on this nation.

    It is odd that everyone feels that they know what Dr. King would or would not have approved [of] had he lived to see america as she stands today.  I can assume, but I cannot and will not say for certain.

    In my heart of hearts, I do not believe that President Obama was being disrespectful to Dr. King’s legacy.  I am almost shocked to read your words.  (Alternatively, at my age, nothing is shocking any more.)

    Perhaps Lincoln’s ancestors should be just as upset.

    How does Martin Luther King’s family feel about President Obama using their father’s Bible?

    "but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!"

    As Ms. Worrell stated, I believe both West and Smiley could do more by helping the President then finding ways to join those who are against him.  Everyone has an opinion, and mine: their energy is spent frivolously.

  • West

    Ms. Worrell,

    I could not have said it better.  West and Smiley just hate President Obama and has never had a kind word to say about him.  It is sad as well as shameful.

    If either of them had any self-respect and honor, they would put away their jealousy and help the President.  They claim to love Black people so much, then it would only make sense if they stood behind President Obama that it would help the very same people they claim to love.

  • West

    BEFORE President Obama had served ONE COMPELETE year, Tavis Smiley was speaking against President Obama.  The show aired September 30, 2009, with Michael Moore as a guest.  While Mr. Moore was giving President Obama kudos, Mr. Smiley wasted no time condemning him.

    I cannot speak for President Obama, but I think Mr. West got it all wrong.  I do not think President Obama likens himself after the great civil rights leader, but believes and embraces what he stood for.  President Obama used Abraham Lincoln’s Bible too, but I seriously doubt he wants to follow in his footsteps.

    Anyone with just a tad commonsense - and I’m not saying Dr. West has none, but there is something to take into consideration - would KNOW that President Obama does not see himself as the great civil rights leader, but as a man (a Black man) who appreciates and embraces Dr. King’s visions.  If Mr. West spent time LISTENING to the PLETHORA of speeches President Obama has given, then he would KNOW that.  He would KNOW that President Obama views Dr. Martin Luther King not only as a hero, but also as a prominent leader and one to be admired.  President Obama has also made it clear that he appreciates and embraces the words of Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Jesus Christ too.  From an uneducated view, it appears to me that President Obama views these men as great leaders and that they should be honored for their service.  President Obama has never given me the illusion that he sees himself as favorable as any of these men.  Everyone puts their hand on the Bible; making an oath to do this and/or that, but as a doctor, Mr. West should know that it is just that: a promise.  Perhaps President Obama - just like those before him - believed he could follow through on those promises.

    Mr. West and Mr. Smiley should be ashamed of themselves but I know they are not, as they are too busy self-promoting themselves.  Again, they should spend their time and money feeding the poor as well as building and educating those who are unfamiliar with this country’s history.  Furthermore, if Mr. West was truly paying attention, then he would KNOW that President Obama can only make proposals; the rest up to Congress.  All Mr. West and Smiley are doing is helping the White opposition; giving them ammunition to hound President Obama.

    President Obama could and in my opinion SHOULD implement more to help our Black Brothers and Sisters [in this country,] but he is not the President of just us Blacks, instead he is the President of these divided states.  And, with people such as DOCTOR West, it is not surprising that the division remains.

  • West

    I think the problem Mr. West fails to realize is that President Obama has never said he wanted others to view his as the late Martin Luther King, but believes the civil rights leader made a profound lasting difference in this country; someone he greatly admires.  However, that is only half the problem Mr. West refuses to face; the other is childish and its jealousy.

    I wholeheartedly believe that Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and Jesse Jackson [included], realize that they missed their chance to leave a notable legacy and are resentful towards President Obama who has made a permanent mark on this country as the first Black President of the free world.  Throughout history, this country had proven repeatedly that it would never accept Blacks as a leader of anything, however time and people have changed and evolved, so here we are.

    It is my hope and prayer that Mr. West and Mr. Smiley put aside their hatred for President Obama and work towards building a sodality that will bring people together to work towards helping those in need.  Is that not what their poverty tour and work is all about?  Instead of sitting on the sidelines denouncing President Obama, it would seem as though their efforts would be better if they worked towards protecting a Black man who is doing his best to better this country.  President Obama has repeatedly said he cannot do it alone, so one would think he was soliciting help; help that any honorable person would gladly oblige.

    President Obama faces a hard day everyday he wakes up, as his adversaries hate him due to the color of his skin.  Does he need that same hatred from the same people who share the same hue?

    BEFORE President Obama’s FIRST inauguration, West was on a show addressing Obama, saying, "…I am going to be hard on you Brother."  What the heck was that?  At that very moment, I knew President Obama was going to receive just as much opposition from people like Dr. West than he would of those in the Republican Party.

  • NYMetro

    This might be true but this placing the hands on MLK bible just happened. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley never have anything nice or half way decent to say about  our President. If they think they have all the answers they should try working with him instead of working against him. Also I know hate when I hear it coming off of someones tongue and he hates this man, who happens to be our President.

  • South

    It must be recognized--concerning the article on Cornell West  going off on Obama: in fact, it is critical to recognize the fact that there is a DEFINITE DIFFERENCE between 'hating Mr. Obama' and 'RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION'.  Hate is a strong word.  We need to be crystal clear on this!  We must ALL begin our ASSENT from BASE CONSCIOUSNESS to a higher level of conscience: of "God Consciousness" and call a spade a spade, to put it plain.  We cannot afford to SO ROMANTICIZE this 'thing' about Mr. Obama--just because he is clothed in black skin--that we cannot see the grave implications here on what is going on in this world, and what Mr. Obama himself is doing and approving of...especially where these DIABOLICAL DRONES are concerned! things Dr. King would never have approved of!  Placing his hand on that bible is tantamount to spitting on or mocking Dr. King's legacy! And that is a sham!  Mr. West is RIGHT ON THE MONEY IN ALL THAT HE SAID HERE!  What Mr. Obama did was a serious affront to the life and legacy of the Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • NYMetro

    His sister did not have a problem with him touching MLK bible.

  • NYMetro

    Why do you hate and disrespect Mr. President Obama? You cut him down on everything. You are a hateful person Dr. Cornel West. I used to have respect for you but the hate you have for our President is not nice.

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