Calling You All Back to the Million Man March Kamal

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We're Calling You All Back to the Million Man March 10-10-15Calling you all backto one God blackOne original man with one masterplana new black print from the 6th sensevibrating on the 7on earth we want heavenwe hope and pray butdon't get in our wayor you might find out that it's judgement dayWe just wanna hear what the Minister sayWhen we get our instructions, we hear and obeyOnce one like Osirus but he conquered thatNow it's time to ressurect as the perfect blackCan't you hear the trumpet blow?We're calling you all back!Calling you all back when we were rulersmuch more than slaves don't let them fool yaSee Khemit Kush - the Dravidians, the 24 eldersin RevelationsThe Neteru, The Eloheem,Look inside of selfyou'll find the supremenow it's time to put a flip on the polytrixbuild a nation - escape the matrix.we been in this trap for too long blackCan't you hear the trumpet blow?He's calling us all back.Download on Bandcamp! now on Cdbaby!

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