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We say Black Lives Matter

You say Blue Lives Matter

and then you say All lives matter

Well, if you check the genetical, historical and anthropo-logical data,

You can check the receipts and you will see, that All lives, come from, Black Matter


The geneticist Mendel said that the Black gene is dominant and the white gene is recessive

Therefore; You can get white from black but not black from white right?


Africans were the first human beings to see the suns light

The anthropologist Leakey found the first Black woman's bones

in Africa’s tropical zone

When Napolean was conquering, he didn’t want you to know

that these statues of Black God Kings. pharoahs, who were high priest, scientist, doctors, architects and geneticist

were Black so they took cannons... kaboom….and would blow off their noses

facts, just so you wouldn’t know that the Egyptians were black


So, they could keep their white supremacy fantasy intact.

The ancient Egyptian Khemites, Eithiopian Kushites, Anus, ifas, Zulus, Dogons, Muurs 

and Bantu to name a few

were here for millions of years before the Greeks, Romans or Aryans came through

with a scarcity complex

cause they just couldn’t believe that these so called Black civilizations were so prosperous and so... complex

So, they would use their military complex to rape, pillage, loot and enslave---When all the indigenous people on the earth ever did was give and Save, them from disease


The Original people already knew that the earth was big enough for everybody

So why would they shoot us or put their foots on our necks so we couldn’t breathe?

Then make up a myth like white supremacy to justify their negligence.

Then, live on conquered peoples lands with cognitive dissonance?

Why would they scapegoat and use the psychological term called projection, instead of letting us share with them the arts and culture of our civilizations?


Again, the African Original people are the fathers and mothers of all nations

and the world would be a better place if you just gave us our proper respect

The bible says “Honor thy father and mother and your days will be lengthened”.

Repent, for this is the judgement, and put some respect on our checks!


Cause All lives, come from, Black Matter





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