Rudwaan Lumumba posted a status
Sep 13, 2020

We have
No more cheeks to turn
no more nerves to get on
no more backs to be stabbed
no more blood for your labs
no more Marys to weep
no more Martyrs to mourn
let the Ausar come forth
let the Heru be born

We have
no more Kings for your crosses
no more acceptable losses
no more Garveys to lie on
no more Panthers to spy on
no more necks to hang
no more Malcolm Xs to bang
we are no longer your sacrificial lambs
our pain will no longer drive your causes
your financial gains, your awards and applauses
12 Years a Slave time to Get Out of your plantation houses
we will
no longer be used as guinea pigs the way a mouse is
we are
no longer your surrogate spouses
We have
no more breasts for your babies to suck on
there’ll be
no more biased tests for our children to be stuck on
take your backwards education system and get your step on
we taught you
so we can teach ourselves
we fed you
so we can feed ourselves
we healed you
so we can heal ourselves
and when we do, there’ll be no more pain
we will make Africa Great Again.

Rudwaan © 9-6-2020

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