World-champion swimmer Sabir Muhammad today announces his organization, the Atlanta Swim School, is providing triathlon training for the Black Tri-Divas, a national group of aspiring Black female triathletes. Muhammad and his team are preparing the triathletes for the Meek and Mighty Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Fla. in April 2014.

“Swimming is the cornerstone of triathlon competition and is the weakest leg of the event for most competitors,” said Muhammad. “Our goal is to prepare our athletes by helping improve their fitness and developing their versatility in the water. We also provide nutritional support as well as weight management guidance. To prepare for the Meek and Mighty, we have developed a special training program to support African-American women getting ready for the triathlon, making our program one of the most unique triathlon programs in the country.”

“The group of African-American women training for the triathlon provide each other with incredible emotional and social support which is vital to the training process,” added Drellie Bashir, the group’s lead instructor, an experienced triathlete, and a certified USA Swimming coach. “The work is tough and the support they give each other improves everyone’s chance of success.”

To sign up for or learn more about the triathlon training visit www.atlantaswimschool.com or call 678-310-4261 or email info@madsportsgroup.com. Training sessions include swimming workouts, fitness and strength training, running and biking sessions. There are also optional nutrition sessions and a weight management program.

About Sabir Muhammad
Sabir Muhammad is a champion swimmer whose accomplishments include becoming a world championship medal winner, a U.S. Open Champion, a five-time World Cup swimming champion, a 10-time American record recipient, an NCAA Champion and an All-American at Stanford University. In 1998, Muhammad became the first African American to hold an individual American swimming record. Muhammad is also the author of Born to Swim, a children’s book about learning to swim.

About the Black Tri-Divas
Black Tri-Divas’ goal is to encourage the diversification of the sport of Triathlon and positively impact the health of African Americans by educating, training and serving as a resource to African American women, their families and all comers in swimming, cycling and running. The Black Tri Divas is in development as a nationwide organization. They partner with local organizations to encourage access to quality triathlon instruction for our target community.


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