Who is The owner of Hour- land?

Title of Play: The owner of Hour- land(part 2)


Third Quarter   

(2 blacked clothes men moved the doctor with litter to the prison and left there, the doctor has worn the sport clothes of American football, it means sport red shorts and blue shorts sleeve shirt, then he written down the brief story of sleeping by magic, while an referee sat down in the prison with black shirt and short and a whistle).

Referee: (Blow a few slaps on face of doctor), wake up friend, here is the last station.

Doctor: Lets me free, nobody wants to touch the cup.

Referee: Stand up, lazy man; I shall leave here tomorrow with cup.

Doctor: Go away, Nobody wants to hold you.

Referee: Tomorrow, I shall say good bye to life and football concurrently; therefore I shall stand as a first referee who whistle for good bye game arranged for himself?

Doctor: You (rise up his head) Are you going to whistle between double 11 players and disclose the way for them! Aren’t you see (pause and stretches hands), all those 11 persons that you had blown whistle 4 them for 7 yrs. turned into rods of prison? They are immovable and impeded the way; we got confused with their appearance.

Referee: (he blows the whistle and puts hands in the pocket and fetches a yellow card to the doctor), I never practice my job of referee before initiation of game, But you come in stadium with slogan, to show himself instead of justifying before audiences. You are the pseudo fan not real fan.

Doctor: It is not necessary to prove anything for gravity wall; we are looking forward to help.

Referee: It is time to get the camera as a Co- referee.

Doctor: You change natural lawn to artificial one, then it is turn of games set! (Pause), do you call yourself as a referee? (Calmly) you are going to take images of cameras as arbitration?


Referee: (annoyed) apparently I have 2 assistants one of them is resting and another one focuses on the flag holds in hand instead of 4 objects in front of himself.

Doctor: Yes, those naughty vices are keen on flag uphold.

Referee : Two of offensives are like 2 jets, one defender similar to a missile and one ball which shot down in a second to green goal , it is hard to differentiate the missile from jets , if I exchange my two assistants with 2 cameras , no hell appeared .

Doctor: You should permit no camera come instead of you; you should defend your rights.

Referee: regretfully, I made a comic mistake in arbitration therefore I ought to sit down in electrical seat for rest of my lifelong. You need not to arbitrate for me; it is enough for ever,

Doctor: Yes, time is over, you cannot work like a clock.

Referee: all the time, we ought to testify as a referee in the field both inside and outside.

Doctor: The time of pointing the movement of everybody is over, now you are like an ordinary clock for winding without hand, you are unable to show the direction even for yourself properly.

Referee: witty, if I can operate more proper than a clock then nobody gives me good bye game.

Doctor: try not to wind yourself it is useless, they remove your clock pointing handles and make you kidding, therefore you ought to wear a computer clock from tomorrow.

Referee: It is normal, sometimes you had to give drive and other time you may offer drive but tit for tat.

Doctor: In this machine life, sometime we turn pointer of clocks & sometime pointer of clocks turn our destiny(pause),Tomorrow after 7 years of referee, You shall defend a 7 m. goal

Referee: God damn Edison for electricity invention, if power was not available the projector was off and nobody could shot penalty.

Doctor: We should respect the terrorist who faded away the dark in order to make everything bright.

Referee : (urged) ,be quite , hush (pause) , in favor of who died by electric shock and electric seat (angrily) , if you supposed to face with fatal penalty, then whether you supported the terrorists !

Doctor: I put aside the gages, it is going to arrange a good bye party for you not me.

Referee: I told you I am not relied on assistant.

Doctor : You shall sit down on the electric seat and whistle for good bye game tomorrow (silently whispers ), whenever you get out of breath, the game is over ,but when the game is extended everybody is confused , you sit down in the electric seat but the president exposed to electric shock.

Referee: It is well down; you not threatened all people of USA to


Doctor:  You have enough potential to shock all people of the world.

Referee: Like 7 years ago that the football world cup games showed by American people in live form, but we put free USA for offshore of Philippines and rolled out like a ball.

Doctor: We are accustomed to each other and grown up.

Referee: We went to school in New York; we ought to memorize sacred and unsacred texts annually.

Doctor: Yes, they supposed that we are empty sets, and winded us like a clock for different fields , we spent half of our life for this business , now we are going to start off as a fledged agent, while our clock works without hand pointer .

Referee: We (pause) were hand pointers of others.

Doctor :  following their lead, 2 out of every 1000 people furnished with pointer , we spent our precious  times for them and encourage them to have hand pointers , But they dislike to pull hand pointers backward for slow work in order to attain progression, they are in hurry and want to go ahead, they feel got in progression ,therefore, they dislike to be persuaded that they move a circle path till  retake our turn .

Referee: Previously, blunt donkeys were turning around a mill stone so that to flour the wheat & currently clever elites move in university classroom in order to transform the time into gold ,they know our life is wasted but they are foolish arbiters because they hate to reserve one more minute as extra time.

Doctor: We didn't feel turning and accompanied with them, we tuned for 2 great revolutions annually and got glad, therefore their clock worked slow for 6 months, they evaded us while we got them at the end of 6 months, then they pulled the clock ahead of time in the 2nd six months, we failed Again & again, our field and our university unchanged so as to feel depression with board grave in our hand, have them written down our name, family and photo.

Referee: Currently, we bury our uneducated desires in the grave.

Doctor: They didn't kill us but the life was hateful (self indulgence), we challenge the pointer clocks.

Referee: (laughing and tap on the back of doctor), you should born in the middle ages, your thoughts are convenient for old times.

Doctor: we got different skills within towering months of birth, How long shall we run in closed circle of school with vanity objects and think in the stadium of university with imaginable concepts, we would better to treat our thoughts, Edison left school, Bill overcame the university, they got pointer clocks, it is pity what is our position? We ought to use our time and break the lock of incomplete software in order to prevent turn our time into gold in their interest, No, we dislike burglary, we turn backward their pointer so as to test our chance, those villains have never lose their circle then they can have an unlimited turn in the same circle till get calm by die.

Referee: I think you are very anger, aren’t you?

Doctor : Yes (pause) , whenever I look the tower from the bottom , I regretfully disturbed and control myself , but whenever they watch me from top of tower , I feel demeaned and lost my control .

Referee: Whenever we look them at the top from bottom, we would like to reduce the distance because we feel jerky due to jealousy while those sit top try to increase the distance because of fear for stall and position lose, therefore both the top and bottom involve sight errors.

Doctor: You don't watch like 7 years ago, you involve sight error.

Referee: Those days which planned the plot of aircraft explosion we were young, we were exited and ball players, but now I suppose to be a father and feel responsible.

Doctor : father will, father of guile , if I had responsibility , I would feel it , even you dislike to assume the accountability of works done 7 yrs. ago , forget everything it is hard to bear , those who winded us were aware that 2 out of 1000 people had clock pointer but they were far away and could not see the clock pointers , now those careless agents recruit the owners of Hour-land in order to turn the time into gold ,therefore we ought to leave the scene & depart to Nothing land.

Referee: (whistles), you were out of work for the lifelong, now you work as clock bomb.

Doctor: we regress instead of progress.

Referee: (put his hand in pocket)

Doctor: (takes the hand of referee and not lets him to take out his hand from pocket), don't fire (fire out) me, the field needs a paradox.

Referee: Don't Worry Nider, I want to fetch no card (take out his cigarette pocket), light a cigarette to calm down.

Doctor: You smoke Kent!

Referee: Yes (stressed) Kent, I remember Kent University.

Doctor: Yes, These are clock pointers (show the cigar) which were changed into gold and emptied our pocket and we transformed into clock pointer for tranquility, I mean Those clock pointers could be changed into timed bombs which they could be exploded soon or later, it looks like tranquility before storm.

Doctor: No King, No King.

Referee:  (stressed) Smoking

Doctor and referee: No king, No King (stressed), smoking.

Referee: We are all educates, we all face with bad consequences , I mean everybody disturbed, we ought to calm ourselves and resort to slogan , the university is guilty because theorists educated there.

Referee: Well, we disturb the clock pointers (press the cigarettes on the ground to extinguish).

Referee: It is bad to see us with smoking; we should respect the sport clothes.

Doctor: I always respect sports clothes instead of exercise, I sat down among students and the teacher told them story, I wish I could shot the corners with my healthy foot but they had better to afford barrage of fires instead of spark, I was unable to run as a result I listened to stories narrated by the teachers and watched the football.

Referee: Are your bother now?

Doctor: Not as much as 7 years ago, which you piled up your knots like a cargo aircraft & brought it for me? (Pause), what was your aim by passenger aircraft? you expected to see many knobs in the air but under your feet & inside your pocket be empty, you were supposed to prepare 3 or 4 tickets as an annual fee, (pause) you would rather to have salary of a bellboy at the restaurant (pause), you pray God to attain a good fortune finally so as to help others and we too.

Referee : I had better to work as a pilot , to be blind in order to guide me (sighed) , I disqualified by recruitment test while airlines disturbed me (pause) , I had endured the flights for 22 years every day overtop and landed to embark at the platform to disembark the desires instead of passengers , I found out that they purged the whole desires , the world football cup games started off , all followers of football traveled from abroad to USA to watch football games , I collapsed so I couldn't stay at house where the sound of aeroplane heard , the house seemed a grave while the aircraft wondering soul , it was hard to stay there more , I left for Philippines with segmented isles like a sorrowful heart .

Doctor : (sounds of sea waves) , we had nice days beforehand , sea turned into strenuous waves and shore like earthen body ,we swam in our stannous soul with our earthen body , we tried to avoid drown , we liked to find how to sink the others .

Referee: We were 2 negatives and multiplied in Philippines and reached positive, I induced the concept of aircraft in your mind while the concept of football imprinted in your mind from childhood, we were supposed to explode 11 passenger aircraft with destination of USA over the Pacific Ocean within 45 minutes.

Doctor : We prepared the explosive materials for special operations but our house got fire and surrounded by flames like a hell ,after that you repent and left us for referee job.

Referee : I saw you fallen down in hell which I created it , I put aside the hell for sinners and heaven for myself it means those fires made  bright no where !

Doctor: Everything is brightened, we as Americans have never been threatened domestically for one century meanwhile we threatened the world by freedom, we must remove those blue and red spots including linens from our flag (opposition), they are not our representatives, but representatives of their funds, publicity and representatives of addicts to football.

Referee: Would you like to commit unlawful action?

Doctor: No, I respect the law, I further do legal act and react.

Referee: Aren't you feared from their reactions?

Doctor: Whenever I abide to Newtown law, there is no threat.

Referee : Insane not afraid of nothing but people afraid of insane , Newtown sat down under apple tree meanwhile an apple dropped to his head and woke up therefore he invented gravity as a result you watched football on TV and a ball got you consequently you invented law of gravity in football .

Doctor: Invent, invent, 4 airliners from 2 airlines, make my mid & assault lines, I (pause) am undefended.

Referee: it means, (carelessly) you are mankind.

Doctor : Don't attack me, I am undefended .

Referee : You are susceptible very much .

Doctor : Yes , When I choose offensive tactics then defense is useless .

Referee : You are not care about defense nor humanity .

Doctor : I forgot everything but offensive because it is the best tactics , 4 aircraft stroke the towers and our Constructions and 4 strikes  afflicted to towers and encountered with 4 strike from Constructions totally 8 strikes , we start 8 A M with a strike which it is the most comprehensive shot. All the ultimate Demolition Derby tickets are free

 Keeper of Secrets: (plot the attacks by aircraft on the wall at the end of corridor).

Referee: We got 4 negatives, negative times to negative equals to positive.

Doctor: We have 3 billiard people on one side with less than 2 dollars daily but there are one building & 2 towers of World Trade Center with more income on the other side and wealthier, whenever we remove the towers from balance at least 3 billiard people can feel the earth gravity and New Town invention.

Referee: You are going to affect the superpowers, because you are superpower not USA

Doctor : It is not my homeland , it belongs to the capitalists (pause) , I want to defeat them in their field so as to demean them like myself (regretfully)  When United States are  autonomy  it is hard to expect the world unifies with USA.

Referee: You are not the whole world; just you graduated from one of US universities (pause) we did not globalized in order to treat with 60 terrorist countries similar to the behaviors inside the home.

Doctor : It is not important that USA globalized, it is critical that non-United States relied on rules in their free world, California should use law of 3 strikes , New York be silent , do not oppose (pause), if 3 aircraft depart for California , blow 2 strikes to twin towers , Do you think what is the job of New York ?

Referee: (pause), waiting for 3rd strike.

Doctor: let it wait to die.

Referee: Where is the target mused for 3rd strike?

Doctor: Released for palace of the most powerful global man but it shall evade and strike the ministry of non-defense.

Referee: Where is the point for 4th pound?

Doctor: the face of representatives.

Referee: About congress representatives of USA?

Doctor: Passengers inside the aircraft.

Referee: We should conform with compromising or compromise with conformation?

Doctor: The energy of anger explosion should convert to explosion of towers and produce energy in order to explode 3 billiard people due to excitation.

Referee: I think you pass by the border of madness (pause), everybody goes up to the tower recently and fallen down themselves from upside to down but now they must go from ground to sky and collapse the towers from air.

Doctor : They scapegoat us and erected tower by our skulls therefore we destroyed the towers , it is not necessary to raise up the towers and fall down ourselves to warn others , we stay out and keep up our head then people queue behind us to witness the collapse of towers .

Referee: Whether the towers aren't the symbol of our economic manifestation!

Doctor: They are symbol of class discrimination! They compromise so as to bring up their eleven.

Referee: We reach our 11 by inferring their 11; we must commemorate the memory of 11 students in 1970 at Kent University who were reddened by molten lead but not to avenge under any circumstances.

Doctor: Who is going to flourish the history has to pay toll.

Referee: O redless, How many people should be victimized? Those 4 students who were killed at Kent University never gain ever-lasting by 4 fetal flights

Doctor: Do you suppose that we were passive during your engagement in referee affairs for 7 years, we found few specialized computer operators and worked on aircraft computer systems in order to invade the aircraft computer system, but it was impossible then, we intended to demolish the empty towers with no passengers on board on a holiday but it was impossible then we recruited few specialties in demolishing so that to implant a lot of dynamite in the towers on holidays then it was aborted.

Referee: It was impossible to ruin capitalists, therefore they become ruder and erected more high scrapers and encourage more class discrimination, they demeaned us because we recruited specialties who were unemployed like us.

Doctor: We attracted persons with incentives but we were unfortunate.

Referee: It means they had incentive as much as us.

Doctor : Yes , yes , nobody faces with previous security margin , the knowledge of people reached close even closed to each other ,while hand pointer clocks feel danger , really the circumstances are unstable , each year a lot of hand pointer clocks exported from Asia , Europe and Africa with discounted prices (regretfully) , now our clocks should discarded , as a result the assembled clocks from Asia and Africa devoured , so this issue known as protection ? (Angrily) it is foolish, treason and crime.

Referee: Now, Apartheid white skins are wealthy and watch the teeth of slaves, the contents of their brain, the skin color forgotten, the type of university certificate is important for them.

Doctor: Everything turned into science, then slaves think instead of them, there is no free imagine (pause) when literate slaves are swaggerer for dollar, effectively their brain is easier than their clothes for smuggling (regretfully), we unemployed students couldn't find nowhere in towers ,therefore we should pound our brains on the towers.

Referee: Captain, the members of team think similar to you or take hostage few slaves?

Doctor: They are not hopeless slaves, the idealist students go to sky by aircraft at high altitudes to invade Everest high summit.

Referee: You are crazy and see nothing more.

Doctor: Get away, ridiculous

Referee: I am a genuine red , ridiculous red is who wears red wraps whenever it is counted as fad so that not to drown but they struggle in swamp of imitation.

Doctor: Don't speak over dead bodies; we should retain the reds in museum at the time of world trade, now the reds are able to face their community with fatal challenges because they are enabled to prove their own colors, good bye Soviet Unions, Ms. China, Miss North Korea and widow Cuba.

Referee: You act like those who are lack of sports ethics.

Doctor: If the championship is out of fair play, fire me from the field.

Referee: I am unable to fire nobody following the incidence of Black jade.

Doctor: So, blowup the whistle of game over.

Referee: But the game is unfinished.

Doctor: Yes, the game shall start within next few hours, we start up the game from New England, the strike shall be blown in New York (pause)   we arranged 22 students from 11 faculties in order to commemorate the memory of students in 1970 and prove vanity of modernism universities in communities.

Referee: I wish our sympathizers put fire the whole university in decade 60 instead of scientific books in front of faculty of law – Yale university, so that the students duped with rotten thoughts and turned out as our presidents (shows the doctor)as enlightened figures and challenge our equations

Doctor: We intend not to have a utopia country which works with computer clock since we would like to have countries with hand pointed clocks it is not important to work timely , it is outstanding the hands belong to us , it is very important to proceed ahead together as a companion .

Referee: The slaves burnt out and turned black, you don't follow the Negroes, you kiddy the owners of Hour-land.

Doctor: are you apartheid or me? (calmly), do you remember the issue of negro fired from the field by red card ?

Referee: I hate advertisement for colors like others, I wear my black clothes in order to avoid any misunderstood, but sometimes we confront with contrary consequences.

Doctor: Forget the colors, talk about story on the Black jade.

Referee : (smoke filled the prison and laughing heard) Yes , I went to cafeteria to eat something, I found a Black jade very tall and laughed loudly to show herself to everybody)

Black jade: wear black clothes as sympathy for my skin color and energetic at the football field.

Referee: everybody was laughing to her words and my actions, it is right I am not apartheid but nobody able to annoy me and misapply.

Black jade: my heart is your sponsor.

Referee: (I rose up and talk to her) Madam, I work for nobody even my father with no wage.

Black jade: (the Negro seems proud and whisper to him) Now your initiatives seem more value.

(Everybody laughed a lot, she got his hand and went to middle of cafeteria and said)

Black jade: I invite you for Tango dance.

Referee : This time the laugh of fans heard and annoyed me  intensifier  than the curse at the  football field , I felt explosion , I punched on her face , she fell down like a spoiled black egg and stretched on the ground ,  I waited to standup But she played ridiculously to show herself nice girl , at the meantime the cafeteria man appeared and tried to count.

Cafeteria man: 1, 2, 3…. 10, nock out.

Referee: Then drooped and shake her, she intended to void standing up, what is the reason for standing up? Otherwise she witnesses to lose the game! But if she not lose consequently I 'm counted as losing party, the silence governed everywhere and turned the cafeteria into a graveyard, I broke down like a glass amid the glances of the fans, the sharpeners reached to nobody, they don't know I demeaned during their entertainments (pause), now they changed their entertainment in gist of humanitarians, a guy addressed me from the middle and said;

Cafeteria man: Oh, Apartheid, avenger.

Referee: Other people start imitation and mishap then engulfed me to redress misdoing.

Clients:  pish, Rubbish, piss, uncivil, illiterate, we beat you die and make the sound of barking dog.

Referee : Then police came over and put me jail to defend me , onetime they brought me outside for refreshing air but I realized it was court , many negroes appeared there , a masses of people came over , they carried placards with slogan of stop apartheid !

Doctor : The people stress un thoughtful functions mad (pointed to fans inside the hall)  the same people call the men mad who are  murmuring and hear their voice, it seems that they try to listen the sound of their thoughts and to watch the image of people how to think whenever the sound and image seem incongruity then the imager called crazy (self indulgence) , it is routine to think carefully so as nobody to understand what we think (regretfully), now we are really crazy, we are going to arrange a campaign for apartheid advertisement from a simple incidence .

Referee: They are illiterate people, everybody who stands poverty, he/she is counted as Negro, men who are ugly with black faces are able to use white cream or use plastic surgery.

Doctor: A respectful man is who draw a check with blank figures not a man who lives with a white skin.

Referee: 55000 yellow and black items with green cards imported to liberty gate annually and swear them inside the Los Angeles church to apply for American citizens , when they come out of church ,they like to wear like us with long hairs over yellow or black skins , what do they do?

They are unable to shave waste hairs with haircut machine day by day, they have no money for surgery , hate to form themselves like a monkey , they challenge our culture (pause), I mean not deport them but disfranchise them .

Doctor: Stop talking, I give you the point, called you not apartheid.

Referee: Yes it is impolite to call a referee apartheid

Doctor: If the materialists in community of third world ought to resort to hypocrisy and disguise as a religious man, here our apartheids should campaign for apartheid.

Referee : The reason of misery is due to my hands , I focused on the time of angry (pause) , every time I mummer if  you withdrawing   for fear of decency Will (Will is the name of referee) ,if you were brave man you  would escaped ,but at that time I couldn`t find the escape exit , I thought I am able to bear the impact of criticism pounds , finally I became out of tolerance and drown with my hands .

Doctor: Do escape from reality! You did you job within a few seconds and showed a red card to that Negro and fired him.

Referee: I wish ashamed the profession of sport ethics (the chat by mass started, then the referee exited and brought back a glass of water from scene), we are ready for mass media interview before games.

Doctor: (took the glass of water and drank two third of water and fetched to the referee).

Referee: Look, what is the news! (Carried the glass outside the scene and came back stayed courteously close to doctor).

Doctor : Well (pause) , oh , I feel sin because I stay in front of you , I wish to stay beside you , believe me I solely  am able to communicate with you similar to this posture.

Referee: I am with you as a representative of students organization, please be brave and utter your words.

Doctor: The followers of green football field, offspring of hated capitalists, transact all the world stars during season of displacement, now there is no star to keep it on our shoulder, I relinquish the rights vested with my and co- team, it is your perfect rights to grab the displacement process of the world stars (pause), away from ambition, only the people flight in sky qualified for playing .this is the hottest Derby.

Referee & doctor: (together) , they are neither owner of skies nor their ridiculous flags , they misrepresented the genuine blues and reds and make flags in order to blow as blower themselves during days and wraps themselves inside it & shout during nights ,blow , shout , blow , shout .

Doctor : I thanks students those voluntarily sat on the board of aircraft as passengers , move in blue sky and play the role of blue players (the fan throw sands toward the doctor) and I eagerly (pause) appreciate you as the tower staff and let your clothes smeared with blood and turned red in order to play the role of red players (the fans dispraised) , I expect you as the onlookers of TV to cooperate with me and appeared as an extra  (2 grenades thrown to the doctor which cause smoke and sound ) , I wish you dear arbitrators play the role of black cloth wearer .

Referee : (Appeared in the middle of scene and shows red card and points by his finger to leave the scene, the fan stop ballyhoo , referee turns to doctor and addresses him while his hands rest on his head) , now you draw attention of the world , they want throw away you out of sphere like a ball.

Doctor: It is possible to close the gate you are unable to hush the people.

Referee: Yes, It is possible to close the goal but impossible to close fan's mouth (coughing, referee fetches a glass of water and turned it back) Drink water to cool down your temper.

Doctor: Our fire shall never extinguished, I really (pause, regretfully stares at the fans, shake his head to right and left), I am sorry for reactions of some spectators, you can not tolerate opposite ideas, you can not hear the voice of democracy, why do you disguise as a student? (pause) , please leave the hall soon so as the students behind the door come in .

Referee: (whisper to doctor) Are you going to replace somebody?

Doctor : Yes, we ought to create new idea (the grueling students leave the saloon, then the noises of new students came in ,doctor looks at them and nod his head) lady & Gentleman, welcome (stares at spectators) , we did it ourselves without flags in our hands, that crazy man caused the World War II to urge his native is superior than world , the shade of those flags casted over his head, he unfortunately thought that if he stares at the sun everywhere shall turn into darkness and resorted to the shade of flag , he was ignorant because he could protect his eyes by sunglasses , he saw those people as bulls , perhaps he himself was bull and inferred everybody looks like bull and everybody should seem like himself, however he was able to train usefully  the bull but that breeding brought about annihilation of million people (pause) , when chemists succeeded to wrought the gold after 19 centuries felt like those overtake the submit of Everest and descent following deep efforts while their flags blown aloft, yes the gold which they wrought is more expensive than the gold offers them (pause) , now the community should understand the time is very precious like gold and safeguard it, let us act as our innate sense cries and prove ourselves as a human.

Referee: (pulls the sheet of paper placed in the front of doctor and blows whistle).

Doctor: Let's read for them, use of words and phrases are rights vested to them.

Referee: let them feel freedom to display as human instead of slogan.

Doctor: Aren't you see how they lauded their nasty team?

Referee: Do you think that it is possible to pound your aircraft to towers of community by disguise to play football game? Your mouth seems polluted everywhere like pesticide spraying aircraft , all the time you consumed oxygen and exhaled toxic carbon dioxide and riveted  them like towers at their place in order to poison their ideas by your aircraft, you frequently maneuvered for their ears & finally a fanatical fan flew into passion , so I ought to fire him so that to stop terror, (pause) be sure the game was one sided and harsh, while your team got the role of spectators instead of playing ,therefore the fans act as critics and opposed , you just looking for finding result which is reasoned as death of football, as result I blew the whistle timely for first half game and abort the plot) .

Doctor: offence is the best defense and team is able to safeguard norms, you should not take the position of defense ,since inability of team for lodging a goal shall wait for losing , it should appoint rightful players to manage for optimum maneuvers because my outward tactics was integrated attack but all the time I defended myself , the time is over for sensual and spectator wondering games, football destiny is wasted like other events, we are not blame because our paradoxical fans are looking forward to good results ,therefore we have to bring them good results by every efforts even death of football, it is better to destroy football instead of fans.

Referee: I suggest you as a semi-respectable friend, not to focus on minor instructions, since there is enough perspective.

do you remember  (pause) when we went to school stayed at the corner of one point of New York and gazed atop  while other kids did that in back, as a result a mass of people crowded over there in order to repel each other for sake of university gate, when got young and served military services we did that tactics and repelled each other and display the flag, now we are in middle age old and seek to hate community and display Manhattan towers (pause ) ,when we get senile then we shall display coffins ,so having had a nap we shall be surrounded by solidity.

Doctor: We apply a super dream demolition derby so that neither reds to dream nor blues.

Referee: Tell true, do you like excitation of game or its result?

Doctor: I aim to prove the zeal of players, that is enough.

Referee: the zeal of players!

Doctor: Human being should keep on no more than humanity in his life.

Referee: (laughing fatally), you are unable to change the fortune by words (fetch the paper).

Doctor : (whispering to referee), I shall persuade them finally to offer us their place (read the paper) ,we are companion , white with blacks , reds with blues, we live together in this new town, all of us stay with palms white , whitish and empty (he going to show the palm as prove)

Follower 1: (snatched the paper and read out running while doctor follows him to retake the paper), all with white palm with color of twin towers which stand higher than our buildings.

Follower 2 : (which has taller height and snatches the paper and reads it loud running meanwhile doctor and follower 1running to take the paper) , when 3 billiard people in the world live with 2 dollars daily and multinational trusts are seating inside the towers to rob the poor , I dislike this kind of Misuse as a world trade.

Doctor and follower 1: World , world , world (engulf the follower 2 and repeat the word of world and leap up, but the follower 2 as a tall man rise up hands and smiles , the follower 3 dives on the follower 2 's knee and paper fall down in front of follower 2 so follower 1 grabs the paper).

Follower 1: (snatches the paper and reads running, meanwhile, doctor, Follower 2 & Follower 3 follow him to grab the paper), I am going to demonstrate the term of globalization , I arrange the play so that the aircraft pounds itself to tower lovely and the northern tower burned out like a candle ,while the community of world misrepresent this romantic scene the 2nd aircraft attack like an axe to south tower.

Follower 4: (all 3 followers and doctor attack Follower 1 and the paper throws away while Follower 4 grabs the it and reads running ,therefore Follower1 Follower2 and  Follower3 follow him to grab the paper)  , please be careful and think carefully over reality you may understand how Northern people misuse southern , you feel proud or shock ? Wait, I am bullfighter, bulls demeaned me, they caused me to feel demean and fall down my head, not to see the blue sky.

Referee: (puts his hand on face and left the scene).

Doctor: (grabs the paper and read it running, Follower1, Follower2, Follower 3 & Follower4 follow him to grab the paper), I would like to move the towers in order to tease the bull for attack, let them to attack me and people with blind eyes, so that everybody understand that they are bulls, the breed bulls, now they are able to watch the bloody garments of victimized? Already the bulls were unable to see red color so they attacked whenever the red garment moved.

Follower 2: (A tall man grabs the paper and read it running, doctor , Follower1, Follower 3 &  Follower 4 follow him to snatch the paper) , we appreciate the crazy man who broke out the World War II in order to breed the bulls, now they are not color blind & the red color increases their blood pressure.

Referee: (Turned back and gave doctor a piece of paper).

Doctor: (stands before the spectators) , thank you , a lady has written that my face watched with reliable far perspective but with zero close perspective , then she has added that the face of towers looked like me, she has advised me as long as she hates approaching me ,I ought to get away from the towers, nobody seem braver than me , I dislike to terror deviated figures , this treatment by communists dooms to defeat , since their rationale is against individualism , it is evident the terrorized public buildings should be wiped out (Grueling spectators opposed , he stops and indulges so as the spectators cease confrontation )  , if the demolition of towers annoy you please keep your eyes closed If any thoughts or visions are coming, just allow it to happen and do not try to think what it is, good or bad .Please open your ears so as to tell you the incidence (doctor searches his pockets ,meanwhile all 4 followers and referee keep their eyes closed, After several minutes' silence, the doctor say): Everyone, you really need to open your eyes, time out,

Referee: what is the matter?

Doctor: Just search your pocket

(Everybody open their eyes & search their pockets and turn out their pockets and shake shoulders and gaze to each other).

Referee: You ought to accustom to speak without note nor flag (turn on the radio and puts it on the shoulder walking).

The voice of broadcaster heard by radio: John, What is your story for the current program?

Voice of broadcaster heard (john): We regretfully hear the voice of one our mental patients who committed suicide last week, he forwarded a message from New York for his friend Nider, on the occasion of his birth day hence we express congratulation and condolence concurrently to Nider.

A staggered  person speaks with a stutter along a light music : Everybody must be glad , because our team won by campaign after 2001years , spirits spoiled , everyday, the class discrimination apart more and more  (pause), you saw the offspring of damned capitalists looking forward to construction of a tower higher , they were proud of their high comprehensive class ,therefore we demolished their tower at home ,we broke their horn off in order to prove them to be human ,we defeated them , now we are proud of those initiatives (by urge) ,let us take this day as thanksgiving day and pray God , bugbears on the field should never fear the birds, the priests as church servitudes who ascend to sky do not keep the birds in basement , we should resort to magic and stay friendly side by side with result of tie it means one against one it make eleven (11)

The voice of broadcaster heard from radio: both his words and prayers were ambiguity, God bless Mark, happy birthday to you (urged) Nider.

Referee: (Turned off the radio and left it on the ground and wittily continued), we plan to agog the live people, but a dead surprise us.

Doctor: (with deep smiling), here a man loses his control, how amazing on his birth day to be sharp!

Referee: Happy birthday to you (Hugs the doctor and dances), Towers never touch each other but man touches another.

Doctor& Referee: Towers never touch…

Each other…..

But man touches….


Doctor: Mark forwarded this message to me or for Pentagon and partners.

Referee: You mean he sold marcs!

Doctor: We are safe, what a nonsense to afraid.

Referee: He mainly had mental problem, he didn’t has any accustomed to change his surname, I hate him because of his ugly habit, I never called him by first name.

Doctor: He was afraid of ever reputation and good name (both laughed)

Referee : Bravo , he visited me last month, he claimed to learn pilot skills in Florida , he disguised and dreamed every night that he arranges a team of American students and play with world football stars , our team appeared as pilots while spectators amazed to see us and asked does this play look like football or pilot games!

Doctor: Mark, take rest and sleep, because we are awake, what is your tip?

Mark, take, rest, and sleep, because, we are, awake, what's, your, tip?

Mark, take, rest, and sleep, because, we are, awake, what's, your, tip?

Referee: He made you glad by his cracked brain; I make your children happy too by closing the higher Education institutes.

Doctor: (Wittily), if higher Education center closed, what a nice news for children.

Referee: (by naughty), you can celebrate your birth day by extinguishing the towers instead of candles (smiles).

Doctor: (Wittily) Be quite, farther Will

Referee: What is in your brain? Nider , paradox

Doctor: (explores) I got an e-mail from an African girl.

Referee: (laughing) under the mask of student I & several friends planned to study at 2 faculties and 2 higher Education institutes? I consulteed with you (urged), you as a instructor's guidance advised mystical twins, pentagate and Black House (strikes to bowl of doctor secretly) , you were our virtual instructor .

Doctor: Your incentive is forgery similar to your identity.

Referee: We cheating students do like the students cheated in decade 60.

Doctor: Forget it; you made me to wait for an hour.

Referee: I expect you surprised, go to the university and instruct our professor.

Doctor: Life skills course or …..

Referee: (fetch paper and pencil to the doctor), hurry up, write it down.

Doctor: Testament?

Referee: The procedure is for illiterates, we should arrange our thesis.

Doctor: You are in short of time for defense?

Referee: I am not going to defend it (pause), ministry of defense should defends it.

Doctor: What is its title?

Referee: Good bye Freedom mumbo-Jumbo.

Doctor: The freedom mumbo-jumbo is baloney

Referee: Write it down from left to right side (pause) 11

Doctor: 11

Referee: Zero 9

Doctor: Zero 9

Referee: twenty

Doctor: 20

Referee: Zero, one

Doctor: zero 1

Referee: Now read it

Doctor: Eleven, oh, nine, two thousand one (09, 11, 2001)

Referee: Date of attack established

Doctor: Gregorian date of Sept. 11, 2001.

Referee: Count it, how many numbers are there?

Doctor: 8 digits

Referee: Time of attack approved

Doctor: time of attack shall be 0800.

Referee: You should identify nonsense numbers.

Doctor: There are 3 zeros

Referee: 3 targets nominated.

Doctor: Target (goal).

Referee: (Take back the paper from doctor and cut it half), 20 & zero one are mine, 11 zero nine are yours.

Doctor: You put aside minor and major numbers for yourself.

Referee: Did you forget that my house located at St.20 and made an appointment at St. 1, your house situated between St. 9 and 11.

Doctor : Look , St.9 and 11 are closed to church so as the people gather in front of a Cross while I put plus symbol between 9 and 11, what do you do?

Referee: there is a cross between St. 20 and 1 and people are able to escape from there, I am between number 20 and 1, so I put a plus, therefore at the time of calculation you shall persuade.

Doctor: I am not in hurry.

Referee: Why are you hesitate! We know mathematic rules, move to left digits.

Doctor: I got 20

Referee: I got 21

Doctor: 20 & 21

Referee: The competition is intensive.

Doctor: 8 & Twenty one.

Referee: time 0800, games card is 21

Doctor: 8.21 A M, Sept. 11.

Referee: An iron angle with inside passengers say good bye to earth gravity & depart toward angels town (pause), some medical students with a sense of irony pick up her off the sky &direct her to the White House by surgical blades in order to give birth to a set of twin Freedom & Democracy over there, and willing to die in order to safeguard her and her unborn twins. Thus, by defending her own children against feelings of being unwanted, airliner nose dives into Pentagate, flight 77 landed on Penta (5) ,because it is Boeing aircraft 757 (pause) at Crash Moment, the pregnant angle won't sweep wings forward in order to whip the building opposite, don't believe the heavenly Angel has deviated . She try to sweep back her wings so as to protect the kids inside against pentagon (shouted), ministry of defense you defend your prestige (proudly), thesis is wonderful, isn't it?

Doctor: You are crazy, Not Pythagoras, father Will.

Referee: the pot say another pot, your face is black, if we believe in your thesis like that gradually, in due course of time! (pause), Did you forget your passionate thesis?

Doctor : We are catalysts, using our passion for change the existence to nonexistence by heat of reaction (pause), prepare us to believe in twin towers as 2 test pipes, with scale trading, the first tower is counted as A case-control study while the 2nd tower as object, we transform the transient persons to Eternal Power by heat of reaction , in this automatic reaction we shall see, increase of irregularity surface and The decrease in surface energy according to the chemical rule, (pause) you & I act as a catalyst, We are trying to speed up automatically reaction, with  no role in reaction or non-reaction , history is subject to pregnancy events while we act as obstetrician & help for delivery , we are unable to kill neither an unborn baby nor the fetus by abortion.

Referee: Your thesis is not bad; my wife starts departure for next few hours to D. U. L. L. E .S airport to fly.

Doctor: in final game your wife is an assistant referee!

Referee: yes, my thesis shall be checked by her,

Doctor: therefore a curious little passenger will arrive by fetal flight

Referee : It depends on what people desire , currently we are looking for abortion law legally for range of 60 % who are agreeable with, We are agreeable with women's rights to safe and legal abortion in country but our primitive law bans even radiology of fetus, government deprives us from freedom in the name of law, if we act against law it is crime and follows us as a terrorist (pause) I , she and we are all passenger , we reach our destination tomorrow (pause), everything must be shared among passengers, we travel and fly together with flight No. 77, I sit on electric seat ,they sit on aircraft seat, the minors are not important , the perspective is critical , we prefer to fly together ,it is not fair to fly our coffin with our hands.

Doctor: You liked to die with pilot garments, even you willed to burn your corpse with aircraft (a deep breath), now your life partners are fond of staying besides you so as to prove their loyalty, having charred body in the cockpit you shall witness the tragedy in the last flight.

Referee: Tomorrow is reckon day, tonight have a comfortable asleep in your towers because tomorrow you have not even a little grave in order to prove when you were alive, illegitimate corpses.

Doctor: You are so misery to call the corpses illegitimate (taps the prison door) Oh, wake up, wake up.

Referee: Why have you disturbed yourself within last 7 years, you disrespect live people, how do you respect the corpses!

Doctor: I did nothing but the law of Newtown engages my conscience.

Referee: Nobody can Americanize but Newtown. 'Tis not time for denial, you turned an American, the owner of contrary schemas

Doctor: forget my dissertation, hear my anti-dissertation.

Referee: Be quite, our enemy raised inside ourselves.

Doctor: Finally I heard the bell sound of my clock.

Referee: stay calm and cool

Doctor: It is my conscience to call me it is going to wake you up.

Voice: relax, relax

Doctor: The issue of emergency sensed, inform FBI, if we hesitate the twin towers shall be burn out soon.

Voice: Whenever the time matured, every tower shall be collapsed.

Doctor: Beg your pardon; we planned the explosion of towers for today.

Voice: It is not necessary to beg pardon, if it is necessary to collapse then the explosion shall happen, then it shall be a justification for awareness of the whole world.

Doctor: Are you going to let Pentagon collapse!

Referee: (punches the face of doctor), why do address him? Go as say to one of million staffs.

Voice: It is not necessary to refer to somebody, lay out comfortably and take rest, if you are here tonight, there is a reason for it.

Doctor: It is possible the White House exposes to disaster.

Voice: any incidence happens it is required to occur.

Referee: It is not necessary to threaten the president, it is not dangerous, just he has passionate heart (wickedly).

Doctor: it is not important, soon the weather shall brightened and forget the nap, this time heat wakes you up.

Voice: When the time reached everything shall be disclosed.

Doctor: Whenever the time matured everything shall be disclosed.

Voice: stop jangle, Aren't you from this planet!

Doctor: We come from a modern jungle where its towers and tall building are made of plant and bushes , robots are similar to man , aircraft in form of birds, Yes, here it is not our planet, we are planetary here.

Referee: Here , everything is synthetic and forgery ,even towers, sky scrapers and apartments erected instead of live trees , air (pause then angrily), it is so polluted that just one kind of bird flys in the sky , we ought to bear the sound pollution instead of bird chants .

Voice: If you sow wheat grain you shall never harvest oat.

Doctor: Where do birds immigrate?

Referee: On the trees and inside the trees.

Doctor: Where do go the aircrafts?

Referee: On the towers, inside the towers.

Voice: Yesterday you cut the trees by axe in order to plant tower instead, now my aircraft shall free the birds inside the cage

Referee: Be quite selfish echo, this is our thesis.

Doctor: Hey, self wind, it is ours.

Voice: Fly not into passion, all theses are mine.

Doctor: when nobody hears our objection, we shall not doom to suffocation, we must speak louder.

Referee: As loud as aircraft sound.

Voice: Never, you are free for your body not for property, you sleep cleverly at night but you die in the morning, be calm, do not passionate.

Doctor : (stand up and touch each other back to back, meantime a sound counts and both of them get farther, when the sound reaches to  9 concurrently turn and whisper their words approach more and more they demonstrate with both point fingers reciprocally ,when they closed enough the point finger of referee touches the doctor, meanwhile the doctor fell down but referee is careless and proceeds and left the scene, meanwhile rhythm of speech by 2 persons are normal within close distance ,whenever they come closer to each other the rhythm is intensifier and turns into sound of machine gun, when the doctor fell down , only the rhythm of referee is attenuated ) .

Doctor: ter ter terrorist

Referee:  risk risk theorist

Doctor: ter ter

Referee: risk risk

(Doctor lied supine and scene lighting faded away and the scene mixed with smoke and bell of church sounds, Clergyman and clergywoman attended at the side of doctor).

Clergyman: Did you decide to confess or not?

Doctor: I did not hack the sky of America, I hack the sky of your mind.

Clergywoman: It doesn't make any different!

Clergyman: a yellow dog is a live signal

Doctor : One day , Isaac concentrated on his experiment , he got hungry , having gone hennery he bought an egg for dinner , it was no use to find out initially the hen was born or egg created first because there was both traces inside (pause) , when he was ready to eat it , understood that the hand clock was boiled instead of egg but it was late to redress the damage (pause), a moment of thinking by Newtown equals to praying for lifelong , you urge the people imitate you instead of thinking .

Clergywoman: What interesting there with mundane messenger that you couldn`t turn away from him ?

Doctor : I see Newtown as a novel town , a secret you were looking for in the past several years.

Clergywoman: What a surprise, a dead knock out every live man, what a pity.

Clergyman: The linkage of people with intellectuality eroded and unable to feel intellectuality, it was wonderful to be able of depriving sense of their dementia.

Clergywoman: out of the flying pan into the fire

(Elapse of time forgets the crops of doctor and leaves the scene).

Voice :(by speaker announces) ,dear passengers it is flight No. 11 E Lost Angel , please attend transit hall (during page , 9 black garment doctor wake up the napped doctor, the black garment men start off movement from right to left of scene, while he rested supine and glares into sky and his corpse carried by them ).

Voice: (pages by speaker), dear passengers flight No. 157 to Lost Angel, please attend at the gate (2 other black garment men joined from front and deep of scene to 9 previous black garment men and proceed and help for carriage of doctor).

Voice: speaker pages), flight No. 77 to Lost Angel took off (4 black garment men left the doctor and concurrently left the scene from 4 points of corner, 7 persons carry in droop position the heavy doctor at the time of doctor released).

Voice : (speaker pages) flight No. 93 to Sun took off now (7 rest black garment men reached to rear of scene and put the doctor to the ground and clapping and singing concurrently) , Sunday ,Monday ,Tuesday (regularly repeat the rhythm while the lighting faded away finally the scene darkened and the doctor disappeared) .

There are a lot of colorful hairpieces on the ground and wreaths scattered from top of scene and the drama ended with soft melody.


Fourth Quarter

(All actors sit round the long table at imaginable island while eating supper, there are clergyman and clergywoman at both ends of table, it is night, the candles are light on the table, the keeper of secret and liberal angel goes down the scene with a tray of cake and drinkable syrup to deliver to spectators).

The voice of a woman with soft melody is recited:

(I called this monologue "Mushrooms of Depression")

We’re rushing to destroy………. the party of life
unfortunately the machine life………. spoiled our life

Please be honest…….. to confess……. that we caused our life ……….turned into machine Fashion……… due to more comfortable ……..taste……, it ‘s impossible……….. to make….. a Machine to…….. Overtake…. the boundary of….. time and place……. in order to reach…… a Cozy corner full of trees of pines and play with pine cones surround our House, while music record plates playback sounds of crow, it is pity to occupy the sky with aeroplane instead of birds and sky scrapers replace The trees full of songs of birds, nowadays the planes landed on the towers
And inside the towers.

Oh, the incidence of sept. 11 is dominant of machine life, regretfully if
We protected the Environment we would approached to falls instead of
Church and sat in the library to read books instead of canonical books, as
A result we laid down under the elm stillness to gaze the leaves of elms,

Unfortunately the machine life………. spoiled our life ,We urge to stay inside the Tower and watch bird of love, it is obvious, soon you as a hero shall Appear, save and wake us to carry us to an island full of tranquility and Waves at the seaside with a lot of green trees, where the crows song again Around us .





September 11 never forgotten, this drama written 2003-2005 & rewrote in 2011))

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