White Woman Better For Black Men

I recently saw a video on you tube where a black man stated according to statistics,marriages and relationships between black men and white women last longer and turn outmore satisfactory for black men more so than when he is with a black woman.After that there was a long line of commentaries where black men appeared to happywith the idea feeling as if the white man should eat his heart out because it isn't a trendit is reality. The list went on for similar subjects such as "White women craving black men",White women worshipping black men" and one gentleman also gave us (black woman) a warning, "Ya'll better watch out because white women are taking over and doing everything right".How would a black man that upholds the black woman address the notion of such topicsis my question. It appeared among the prior discussions the only one who spoke up inbehalf of black women was a white man not even a sistah defended us. My next questionis should we feel defeated in our quest to have relationships with black men? I would liketo hear there is someone other than a white man speaking up for us.Thank you

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  • DMV
    My Sistah,
    What you came across is just another example of how deeply we are steeped in the culture of enslavement, and I do not refer to those sadly confused knee-grow males that appeared in that video, but to all of the sistahs out here who identify more with the massa while wearing their Afros, locs, and Afrikan garb. I walk down the street and say good evening to a black woman and they do not respond. We have to realize that indeed, Willie Lynch is real, not a myth, not something in the past, but is very real in Amerikkka yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow...especially with the placement of of a house knee-grow as manager of the big house. And I notice that some of the biggest advocates and supporters of Obama's run for chief and the "firs' black" manager of da big house are sisters. I got bashed on these pages and told by a "sistah," complete with an alternative Afro-centric name, to get back in my place and to "fit in."

    I know that for the most part, black men in this country have a great deal we need to work on within and about ourselves, to break with the emasculation to which we we have been subjected ever since white folk set their foot on the shores of Afrika, but sistahs do too. Black women were not so much the object of destruction and denegration as the black man, black women were and remain the object of cooptation into the system of oppression, into the denegration of the black man, and that is exactly where many black women are today, which is why they cannot speak to a brother who simply says "good day or good evening."

    I have had my children taken from me, not by white women or the white system, but by "black" women. And they did so on the basis that they inherently have come to understand that the system would favor them over me, this is real in many brothas lives who like me, commit themselves to being with black women. I do not care for black men who use "negatives" in order to justify their deep seated desire for white women. I do not think that a white woman, nor any other woman, could ever understand me and love me as deeply as a black woman. But the fact is that we are so messed up as a people, that time marches on and too many lonely nights can drive the most committed of us to look for love where we think we can find it. Unfortunately, or not, for some of us, male or female, we find it with white mates. That is not for me, so I struggle with lonesomeness, which deprives me of even fewer reasons to live.
    • NYMetro
      I do say I have to agree that slavery has really placed a cloud over the relationships between black men & women but black women did suffer were we not raped and made fun of for the way we looked, told everything about us was ugly, lips, butt, hips too big? Aren't we the "nappy headed hoes"? Don't we still hear that today? Who is objectified as the pinnacle of true beauty and the symbol of what all men should aspire to have, not black woman or a latino woman but white woman. In times of slavery when we were seperated from our families and men taken who had to step up and be strong. who raised kids that weren't her own while raising her family two without a man. Please don't be deceived this roles have migrated into our roles today and it is has been difficult to uproot but let me tell you something.

      I'm the sistah who writes homages and pledges my love for the brotha's because even though I have been in few good relationship with one won't give up on you. I'm the one who know's that just because I've had these experiences doesn't mean there's no good ones out there. I'm the one who speaks to the brother's in grocery store and also takes the risk of not being spoken to in return, sometimes afraid to speak to them for fear they may have some grudge against me because a white woman supposedly has treated him better. I'm the one who's got my chest stuck out because the prestigous black candidate for president chose himself an equal for a woman who is strong, BROWN,
      intelligent and beautiful and he is not afraid of her. I will and will always be beholdened to the BLACK MAN and so I apologize for any ill treatment you've had because of you are. You do not deserve it but trust me there are so many of us love you.
  • Chicago-Midwest
    i have created a group : Integration - Biggest Trick played on Black folks

    there are several discussion threads there that include what you have presented here...

    Why do Black men Crave white girls? a brotha's commentary
    Are white girls better for Black men than sistas are?
    A brotha's perspective: are white girls more submissive than sistas?
    Interracial Relations : a white girl's perspective - no respect for sistas

    There are 14 discussion threads there... there are video compliments in some of the discussions...

    just thought i would share this tid bit w/cha...

    • NYMetro
      Thank you Sistah Queen for making me aware cause I see nothing that spoke positively toward us. There was such a bombarding of the other stuff-smile. Look I love my people and as much as the brothas have taken a bum rap so have we as black women. Every other race has taken what we have our hair, our bodies, our language and demeanor but they are hailed for it while we are continuously dineagrated, now how is it that we are trends setters yet can not be raised up by our own trends and they can *shaking my head*? It's an outrage.
    • DMV
      I do not crave white women, I am a "black" man, I crave a black woman, one who feels that she owes me love, respect, and honor; and to whom I know that I will not be betayed in giving the same.
      • Chicago-Midwest
        hmmmm... "owes"... in what context?
        • DMV
          "owes" only in term of each other, one another.
          • Chicago-Midwest
            according to Merriam Webster dictionary -

            owe - Pronunciation:
            Inflected Form(s):
            owed; ow·ing
            Middle English, to possess, own, owe, from Old English āgan; akin to Old High German eigun (1st & 3d plural present indicative) possess, Sanskrit īśe he possesses
            before 12th century

            transitive verb1 aarchaic : possess , own b: to have or bear (an emotion or attitude) to someone or something 2 a (1): to be under obligation to pay or repay in return for something received : be indebted in the sum of (2): to be under obligation to render (as duty or service) b: to be indebted to 3: to be indebted for intransitive verb1: to be in debt 2: to be attributable
            — owe it
            : to have a responsibility to do something to satisfy an obligation or duty

            the reason i posted the dictionary definition is because i was wondering in what context you were using the term...

            "owe" is not an Afrikan centered cultural asilic concept... it is however a eurocentric capitalist construct... in the Afrikan centered cultural asilic concept of relationships, We inter-intra-enter act with one another based on Ma'at which is a reciprocal relationship, harmonious, balanced, charitable, proprietous, ordered.... but not "owe"... when We have Ma'at, "owe" is not necessary... it simply a matter of how We view it....

            this is why i asked...
        • Chicago-Midwest
          Sister Queen Mama Khandi
          If Malcolm Xavier is indeed a black man that has the wear-for-all to write and confront us in such a fashion but lacks the courage to show his face then be not concerned by his position.
          The only thing a black woman owes a black man is a loving, not a living.
          • DMV
            I gave this brotha a heads up, yet all he is concerned about is a pic of myself. Well, let me explain to him that I do not have at my hand at this time the technology to post a pic of myself, as if that some how takes away from the words and ideas I express here, My computer with all of the pics of myself were on, and I have not the ability at this time to upload new ones onto the new computer I have just obtained. But, if he wishes to trip on not seeing an image, rather than to contemplate ideas and further discussion, then that is on him and is one example of why black women have such a hard time dealing with so-called "Brothas," because we too many of us are trippin'
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