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the enemy doesn't mind any of the so-called religious groups going on and on about the various forms of psychology whatever they may be. as long as niggas don't go near the religion of revolutionary principles. that's why niggas aren't taken seriously by the enemy. i've learned that if the enemy ain't coming after you, then you must not be doing something right. that's why niggas stay in the safe zone, say safe shit. why, you can even call whitey the devil to your heart's content, and try to use scripture to prove the case, but don' talk about revolutionary freedom because those are fighting words. and the black proponents of so-called religion are very conscious of that fact, which is why they won't go outside of religious rantings about this and about that. they'll put freedom on anything except revolutionary principles. some are waiting on a dude to come riding on a cloud. some are waiting on a space ship. there are even some who are putting their money on aliens, etc., etc.



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