Junious Ricardo Stanton:

 “Eugenics is the science of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific, ‘desirable’ hereditary traits to breed out disease, disabilities, and other ‘undesirable’ human traits. It was super popular with the Nazis. While even transhumanism does not explicitly encourage breeding for the superiority of one specific group, the methods endorsed by some prominent transhumanists aim for the same end.”  What Is Transhumanism and Why Do People Associate It With Eugenics Aditi Murti https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/article/what-transhumanism-and-why-do-people-associate-it-eugenics


            Last year I did a two part series on eugenics exposing how the oligarchs want to limit human procreation through sterilization, selective breeding and new technologies like gene splicing to create “better” human beings via “designer babies”. As we celebrate the ninety-third natal day of Martin Luther King Jr. I wonder what he would think, say and do about the eugenics movement, the transhumanist movement and what would be his thoughts on how the “pandemic” responses are playing out.

            Martin Luther King Jr was a Baptist minister, a human and civil rights activist who spoke out boldly and vociferously against militarism, racism and imperialism. At the time of his assassination he was making preparations for a massive Poor People’s March and encampment in Washington D.C. to call attention to, seek redress and a radical change in US domestic and foreign policies, which is why he was murdered.

            King, like Malcolm X before him, made the direct link between US aggression and imperialism directed against Brown people in Southeast Asia and the sordid history of US domestic racial and class oppression. He saw the challenges of poverty and economic caste as Siamese twins with an insatiable appetite that was draining the US of resources, while causing irrevocable pain and suffering here in the US and thousands of miles away in Southeast Asia (the US was running a full fledged war in Viet Nam and micro aggressions in Cambodia and Laos).

King’s open denunciation of these crimes against humanity put him in the cross hairs of the same psychopaths who killed John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X before him. Given King’s uncompromising stand for Peace, Justice and economic fairness it was inevitable the US Deep State would murder him just as they did Kennedy and Malcolm earlier. (The same reactionary consciousness was behind the attempted assassination of third party candidate George Wallace who was threatening to upset the status quo with his brand of demagogic populism).    

            But let’s imagine a state of affairs where Kennedy, Malcolm and King were protected by their supporters and their supporters thwarted the Deep State’s murderous intentions. What if they all were still alive today, in their right minds still advocating for justice, human rights and empowerment, would any of them be for what is going on now?

What do you think Martin Luther King Jr.’s stance would be on the COVID response and mitigations given he lived in Alabama and was familiar with the Tuskegee syphilis experiments run by United States Public Health Service and Johns Hopkins University? King would have been aware of the fact for forty years Black men in and around Tuskegee went untreated for venereal disease so the government could track the debilitating and deadly progress and effects of that disease?! What do you think Martin Luther King Jr. would have said about that crime against humanity?   

            Let’s jump forward to today, what would MLK say about sticking people who have been denied informed consent https://www.ama-assn.org/delivering-care/ethics/informed-consent before being given experimental, untested DNA altering concoctions? What would a preacher who espoused social and economic justice say about a philosophy that wanted to reduce or cull the human population based upon a notion of racial superiority? What do you think Martin Luther King Jr., who preached about the brotherhood of man, who warned America was approaching spiritual death in 1968 would say in 2022 about transhumanism the goal of megalomaniacal scientists to “augment” humans by implanting  chips, bio-technologies and prosthetics, hooking us to computers or turning us into cyborgs, laboratory created chimeras or mixed species beings?

            Looking at our current situation it appears we have no champions for justice, no drum majors for peace, no prophets denouncing the miscreants and advocating for the sanctity and sovereignty of our bodies. There are no heroes charging over the horizon to save us from mad scientists, psychopaths and corrupt politicians (yeah I know they are all the same). I guess we will have to be the ones to do it; we will have to be the Medgar, Malcolm and Martins of our era. Ashe’


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