Florida is a popular state of the United State of America where many cancer care clinics are treating the cancer patients using cutting edge technologies. The cancer treatment centers in Florida have established state-of-the-art infrastructure, research centers, innovative medical equipments, clinical trial methods and best health services administration in their campuses. These centers are famous for using the latest techniques to heal various forms of cancer diseases. Some of the latest techniques which are being used in cancer care hospitals of Florida are proton therapy, gene therapy, targeted therapy and radio surgery device using TrueBeam device.

Proton therapy for prostate cancer is one of the most popular and effective techniques among these methods which has been using from many years by various cancer care treatment centers in Florida. This technique has been successful for prostate cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and brain cancer.

How is it effective?

Proton therapy is a very highly innovative technique in which positive charged proton particles are delivered by high-tech machines called as linear accelerator machine or a synchrotron or a cyclotron. Proton particles are delivered by this machine in a focused way, so that the highly ionized and fast proton beams can target the cancerous cells of the tumor.  The ionized particles damage the DNA of the cells and stop the further cell division. As soon as fast proton particles are applied to malignant cells, irregular division of cells automatically stop, as the cells stop to perform its basic functions. One of the biggest benefits of this healing technique is that these ionized particles don’t affect any adjacent healthy cells that come on its way during the healing procedure. This high-tech procedure is performed under the guidance of experienced oncologists, physicians and medical specialists. Further, it has few side effects after the treatment and the patient get recovered within months or weeks. To kill the advance stage of tumor, proton accelerator is placed in such a way so that it emits high energy proton beams and destroys the malignant cells.


The cancer disease has affected millions of human lives very badly, but medical science is still working to find out the most effective treatment methods to remove the melanoma disease permanently. And, they have succeeded to some extent by discovering the ground  breaking Proton therapy technique.

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