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Answering the question about our purpose is a fundamental one for Human Beings who understand there is a Right Way to do anything. You get the understanding that this is true when you obtain True Knowledge of Self. Your Life Purpose is a neutral result when you study True Knowledge of Self. As do everything else in life, your life purpose is unveiled by degrees; degrees of your understanding of True Knowledge of Self.
Mine is "to make my maximum contribution to the Total Uplift of Afrikan people: 'Those at home as well as those abroad.'"
Knowledge of self unveiled the fact that my race is under oppression in a government that was founded and is governed with an ideology called White Supremacy. Once this fact is seen and accepted, I wanted to change our condition from a state of oppression to that of a Free, self determined people. In looking for a way to bring about the change i found the path that will never fail: That is a Right Path: Hence "there is a right way to do anything." The Path is a Spiritual Path.
It also unveiled the fact that i have certain skills that can be utilized to free Black people from the oppression by sharing the degrees of understanding of the knowledge i have - the understanding gives me the wisdom of how to use my knowledge of self to fulfill my purpose..
I prayed and meditated on a desire to live my life; earn my living by serving Black people. I have written and published 15 books; i have "published" approximately 600 others and dedicated self to securing Reparations "to begin the healing process" that will finally free Black people [i.e. - in example].
Thank you for the question. I am sure my answer begged many more. Time limitations will not be practical to give more in the forum. However, i have a new book that will be released on April 29, 2010 called "THE ACQUISITION AND PROPER USE OF POWER...." It addresssed my methodology in more detail....................Khalifah

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In my retirement, I am writing about my life experiences as a socialist, as a participant in the Black Liberation Movement, the Union Movement, and almost all social movements.
My, essays are based upon my involvement in the struggle for workers democracy and freedom for all humanity. It is my hope that these essays, which I regularly update, when I discover more facts, will help future generations of Freedom Fighters.

Yours for freedom,
Roland Sheppard
Sounds like you are having a fulfilling life. Are you going to publish? What we are formulating around Black Elders may be of use to you. I have seen too many Elders life and work discarded (at best), and trashed (at worse) after their transition. My determination that my life will not suffer either of the two is what energized the thought to offer something useful for Black Nationalist Elders. Of course any Elder can vouchsafe their work with us


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