Hotep/Greetings all.

I've been away from the Black list for a long time now, and for for several reasons.  However, the main reason is the same for many action-oriented African/Black folk like myself.  We are on our grind and most converstation...when we're actually able to make time to even have a conversation...must be centered around the day-to-day operations of being on our grind!


That said, it's been about 2 years since I wrote Part I of this article, What Are You Going To Do About It", where I endorsed Baba Amefika Geuka's idea for a minimum of 1 million Black folk...especially those who claim to be socially conscious and/or Pan-African-Nationalists in their leanings, within the U.S., to register as No Party Afiliation for their voter information.  To my knowledge, there was only one response.  In this response, the sister suggested that we consider the Green Party instead of not being affiliated with any political party at all.

I then stated that the idea of No party Afiliation (NPA) is not mine, though I agree with the idea 100%.  I then stated that while I think the Green Party is a good alternative to the normal 2 party system, NPA is the "best" path to take, in my opinion, since none of the political parties Black/African folk in America has allied with have ever given our issues equal treatment once that party gained national dominance.  Futhermore, I clarified to the reader that we need a poltical voice that owes no alligance to anyone except African/Black folks, and is therefore a political voice that is owned-and-controlled by Black folk only.  However, I let the sister know that I would forward her suggestion to members of the NBLC.

About 2 years later, we of the Nationalist BlackLeadership Coaltion (NBLC) aknowledge that only our Detroit chapter is fully functional, and that too many of the conscious sisters and brothers who pledged support to the needs of Black folk, inlcuding our cause as the NBLC, are more about talk and/or individualized efforts.  In other words.


They do not have "STAYING POWER".  As Baba Geuka once said of tools necessary to truly liberate us, "no one event can take the place of a process"! 


The process of making us mental and physical slaves took several years!  No "quick up and quick down people" (quote from beloved ancestor Chancellor Williams) will ever accomplish anything against an opressor who puts oppressive processes into place!  Only a process can undo another process.  There are a few reasons we Black/African folk (I use the term interchangeably) have no staying power, failing to create a process.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons is because the "conscious" among us...though who have the guidelines from the most Practical African/Black liberators on earth...are stuck in the theoretical liberation...instead of the practical...or the "rugged individualism" that we critisize non-African people in general, and White people specifically, for that behavior.  As Baba Geuka explains it, many of us so-called "conscious", Pan-African, African-centered, etc. type of Black folks act like atheletes who are free agents...not loyal to any team or group large enough to have critical mass to positively change our condition on a national (or even regional) level!  

So the two main reasons those of us who's philosphies have been proven by the evidence of human history to be the best philosphies of liberation for African/Black folk continues to fail in practice thus presented before us:  Theoretical (instead of practical) "conscious" Black/African folk and "Free-agent" conscious Black/African folks.

It seems that the most enthusiam for mentioning Black/African liberation in the U.S. is relagated to college classrooms in the "Black studies" departments, or if one is lucky, they have a Pan-Africanist teaching a couple of college courses...most of them in universities that are not going to make waves against the anti-African/anti-Black establishment. While this is not always the teachers' fault, it often speaks to the lack of support they get from those who should be taking their knowledge to liberate us.  Also, once these concepts are discussed outside the classroom, some of the theoretically conscious focus on the "why it won't work" analysis (any idea for Black liberation that someone may be truly wanting to implement), yet they claim to be "concious".  As a result, they say a lot of what "we should be doing"...while saying everyting to discourage the folks actually doing it.  Then to add insult to injury, some of these same discouragers will then complain about us (folk trying to do something) "not doing anything for us".

Conserning the "free agent" analagy described by Baba Geuka:

Many of the free agents are so puritanical among us, that they find fault with any and everything others are doing to help our people, unwilling to compromise ideals that are proven by history to be less of a priority.  The end result?  They are too dificult to work with to get a critical mass of people to "follow" them in any liberation activity.  I didn't mention them being led by anyone, because people like that usually want to be "in charge" and will not be led by anyone anyway.  While we all have the right to choose how many rules and regulations to submit to, as well as when to submit to someone and who to submit to, the very process of liberation requires a certain amount of sacrifice and the mutal agreement (within a determined group) to give up some of your own desires for the good of the group. This includes voluntary submission to a leadership structure mutually chosen by the group. Many of the "free agent" style of Black/African "conscious" folk refuse to aknowledge this, or if they do, have too many personal agendas to work in any group with the potential to reach critical mass.

In theory, the "group" would be African/Black folk, considering the NBLC and it's goal to be the voice for our needs.  The leadership of the NBLC  has re-examed the situation and has to narrow our scope from the proposed 10 task forces created in Kernersville, GA at our birth-giving working conference, to 3 task force areas: economic empowerment, education, and public policy.

Part of the public policy portion of our strategy still calls for us to register as "no party affiliation (NPA) in any state and county we are able to do so and not limit our ability to vote in elections that are important to us.  The next part aknowleges that economics control politics and non-profits orgranizations generally make just profits.  We need to use economics in all ways that can legally "bind" politically active people to our needs and our protection.  This means our liberation efforts must eventually generate INCOME to EMPLOY those of us who've already proven their integrity to the Black/African community in their respective geographical areas of influence.


Otherwise, our efforst difuse within 1-5 years and we're left with no staying stamina!

Finally, our view of public policy(NBLC) advocates for a spokes-person who can verablize this...speaking to both the "conscious" community and the public at large on what's important to African/Black folk...without compromise, without apology.  The vision we have at the Nationalist Black Leadership Coalition (NBLC) is that in the U.S., this person would be called the POBA... President Of Black America! 

For those  caught up in foolish arguements of what to call ourselves.  We (NBLC) understand that we are an African people, and those of us...especially in the United States, who are descened from enslaved Africans, know that Black skin is a natural biological identifier of being African, period.  No need for foolish arguments and identity crisis.

That said, this long post I have created is an attempt to not only explain why I support the initiatives above, in general, but to promote the concept of a POBA, in particular in addition to registering No Party Afilliation (NPA).  Personally, I nominate Baba Amefika Geuka as my POBA.  He has dedicated most of his adult life to the Practical advancement of Black/African folks here in the U.S. in particular, and African people, in general.

While the ideas about the NPA and POBA may be rejected by the masses, theyd better come up with a better idea that doesn't involve us assimilating into someone elses house if they hope to bring about pracitcal liberation...if they want improvement for us to sustainable...having some STAYING POWER. 

Well, It's time for me to get back to my grind. I don't know how often I will be visiting the Black List, but I hope to see more inspired to work for our practical liberty upon my return.

Much respect,



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