western hypocrisy in libya

By now most of you have seen this farce of news coverage on Libya and its non-stop onslaught on its revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi. Like they have done on numerous occasions around the Black and Brown world,(including Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba just to name a few) these europeans have slithered their way into putting any leader who will not bow down and lick their boots and relinquish its people's resources into their crosshair for extermination.They use covert means to play factions and groups against each other in order to destabilize from within, while they use the guise of humanitarian justification to overtly undermine any nation defiant to white power imperialism and colonialism from the outside. This method is known as PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION. If you study the history of the CIA's activitties, throughout the world, what is happening in Libya will not surprise you. They have used these same methods to overthrow anti-western puppet governments for years. The documentary Terrorstorm includes a few of those examples.


Now lets address the issue of these European and Amerikkkan hypocrites. They claim Gaddafi is commiting genocide by defending his people from armed rebels. The first issue is that these are not peaceful protesters holding hands, these are rebels with guns shooting, and if not paid for at least provoked by the west to further their own western agenda. Gaddafi is fighting to keep his country together and prevent a full blown civil war. Where have we seen this before.....1860's...Abraham Lincoln turned his guns on his own people to keep his country together, leading to a greater loss of life than all other war combined. These crackas would not even dare to open their mouth and accuse Abe Lincoln of genocide when he is doing the same that Gaddafi is doing.


Lets look at the white media's portrayal of Gaddafi and his family. If you ever notice they do not attack Gaddafi's actions or his policies, they only attack is character. They claim he is crazy, crazy like a fox! What other leader has went toe to toe with the devil for 40 years like Gaddafi? Last time I checked being weird did not disqualify one from leading a nation either, which is ever present from GW Bush and his daddy prancing around the Bohemian Grove with gay porn stars and doing whatever else within skull and bones. And who do we have delivering the latest news CNN, whose anchor Anderson Cooper, besides being a heir to the elite Vanderbilt family and member of the secret 'Manuscript society' at Yale, admittedly entered the CIA, then all of a sudden with no journalist background or education becomes a journalist.hmmm...things starting to come together. Zbigniew Brzezinski did not call his book The Grand Chessboard for nothing...


And lets just keep it real if this was really about humanitarianism and preventing genocide, 800,000 Afrikans wouldn't have been hacked to death in Rwanda without a blink of these cracker's eye and there would be a lot more pale faces in Darfur right now. These bloodsuckers only use their masquerade of concern for loss of life when there are strategic resources (Libyan Oil) to gain.


We can't look for someone else to save us we got to save ourselves! In the words of Malcolm, Western Democracy is Hypocrisy!!! UHURU SASA!!!

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