Welcome The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo

By taking matters into our own hearts and hands, we will build brighter futures for and with our children."

The NBTEE mission is to: 
  1. more effectively engage youth-serving organizations, youth-serving individuals and community-based organizations;
  2. create greater awareness of and support for vital and valuable youth resources; and,
  3. more consistently and creatively connect these resources to our children, TEENS and young adults so more of them achieve in school and succeed in life.
 Every month, we’re reaching more than 33,000 supporters, most of who work with or for youth, and care about our communities of children.
S. Monet Wahls of Future Executives (www.futureexecutives.org) and R. Lee Gordon of the NBTEE with a great group of young men and women at a Brooklyn, NY youth event. (We'd also like to thank Dominique Reese of CommuniTree, LLC (www.yourcommunitree.com) who presented a wonderful FAME (fashion, art, music & entrepreneurialism) workshop.
About The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo
The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (www.nbtee.org) knows we have all the resources to improve the quality of life and learning for our young generation.  We focus on community outreach (both off and online), collaboration building and youth engagement to establish a youth resource network that will create brighter futures every day.  Live events, media and web and mobile communication tools help us to actively connect to youth-serving groups and individuals, and consistently connect these resources to our youth.
If you are a youth resource, we'd like to help generate greater awareness and support for your wonderful works; please click here to complete and return this form via email (info@nbtee.org) or fax (718.855.2411).
Every day, community by community, we're building a national youth movement to ensure the social and educational needs of our children become a greater fulfilled priority.
Youth movements are volunteer-driven coalitions of incredible individuals and great groups committed to working together to help more children, TEENS and young adults achieve in school and succeed in life.
Today, there are youth movements in Detroit, Baltimore and Brooklyn (NYC).
The Better Detroit Youth Movement
We’d like to thank all the wonderful souls who took part in another highly successful Million Father March on Labor Day.  This important initiative founded by Phillip Jackson of The Black Star Project (www.blackstarproject.org) encourages men to accompany a child or children to the first day of school.  The Better Detroit Youth Movement uses this great event to create greater community / parent / student interaction throughout the school year.
More than 30 colleges and 1,200 aspiring students of higher learning participated in The Third Annual Detroit Scholarship Fair at Cobo Hall hosted by The BDYM and Infinite Scholars (www.infinitescholars.com).  Every year, this event awards millions of dollars in college scholarships to deserving junior and senior high school students throughout Southeast Michigan.
The BDYM is currently recruiting young men and women who want to be a part of its Youth Advisory Board.  For more information, and to learn more about the BDYM, call Jay at 248.961.6419.
The Better Brooklyn Youth Movement
The Better Brooklyn Youth Movement (www.betterbrooklynyouth.org) and the NBTEE host “Our Communities, Our Children”, a radio show airing on Brooklyn Community Radio (90.3 FM) and on www.allblackradio.com every Thursday at 7:PM EST. If you’re a youth or community resource, and would like to be a guest on the show, email us at info@betterbrooklynyouth.org.  One of the show's new segments is "Endless Possibilities", featuring young men and women who share a story of overcoming great challenges, and turning them into great triumphs.  Special thanks to Geneva Farrow of A Young Mother's Dream (www.youngmothersdream.org) for co-producing "Endless Possibilities".
Please join us at The 2nd Annual Youth Summit, “Regenerating a Generation”, on Saturday, October 1, 2011, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m., at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus), William Zeckendorf Health Science Center H.S. 107. A special thanks to Tawana Williams and her Youth Planning Committee for organizing this important event.
The BrBYM is also organizing two special youth / community events:  The 1st Brooklyn TEEN Resource and Scholarship Fair in 2012; and The 1st Brooklyn Live-in-Peace Art Party, a special community event that shares the power and beauty of the arts with our children so they are engaged in creative, constructive activities to provide them positive and productive opportunities.
We’re currently seeking individuals to serve as BrBYM Board Members.  If you’d like to learn more, please email us at info@betterbrooklynyouth.org.
The Better Baltimore Youth Movement
The Better Baltimore Youth Movement (www.betterbaltimoreyouth.org) is preparing to host its 1st Baltimore Youth Resource Summit, an event that will bring together many youth-serving individuals and groups to discuss, determine and deliver better ways to support more positive outcomes for more Baltimore children and TEENS.  We're also planning a TEEN Resource and Scholarship Fair in 2012.  Contact Katika at info@betterbaltimoreyouth.org, if you’d like to be a part of these events, and how you can be an important part of the BaBYM.
Rising! Teen Magazine
Rising! is a resource and lifestyle magazine designed to “help our TEENS reach their dreams”.  A partnership of the NBTEE and Robinson Publishing, our goal is to: 1) develop positive media for (and with) our TEENS; 2) provide more productive opportunities and options for our TEENS; 3) and extend a powerful outlet for our creative communities of TEENS to express themselves, encourage, inspire and enrich their peers, and impress us all.
If you'd like to contribute to or advertise in this publication, or know of TEENS who'd like to be a part of this project, email us at info@nbtee.org.
How You Can Help The NBTEE

We'd be greatly grateful if you'd consider: 1) sharing this newsletter with your family and friends; 2) participating in or starting up a youth movement in your community; 3) alerting us of youth resources, programs, events or activities; 4) joining the Youth Pages Facebook group where more than 400 members consistently post vital information and valuable inspiration for our young generation; and, 5) signing up for The ClubCard National Discount Shopping Program that donates $10 to the NBTEE for every new member. Your annual ClubCard membership is $29.99, and if you enter promo code "PM13", you'll receive a $25.00 gift card from www.restaurant.com.
It is only with the efforts of good souls like you that we will help more of our children believe, achieve and suceed.
Now, let’s give a loud shout out to some of our wonderful supporters:
e907_wendysad_2.jpg   The Wendy’s High School Heisman (WHSH) Award program is accepting applicants for its 2011 class.
The 2011 class will join the more than 305,000 esteemed alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to academic achievement, community service involvement, leadership and accomplishments in the athletic arena.
Now through October. 2, 2011, eligible students can apply at www.WendysHeisman.com for a chance to earn the honored title of WHSH and “Like” WHSH on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/wendyshighschoolheisman to receive program updates and to connect with alumni. Students can also contact their high school principal, guidance counselor or athletic director for more information.
Twelve national finalists and their families will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City where they will attend and be recognized at the official Heisman ceremony.  Winners – one male student and one female student – will be honored with the WHSH Award during a national ESPN telecast and receive $10,000 for their school, as well as a $500 Wendy’s gift card. 
What are you waiting for? Apply today!
The Educational Pledge Partnership is based on the literary works of Puerto Rican poet and writer Alberto O. Cappas. The Educational Pledge has been widely published in local publications, and utilized by many New York City schools and community groups, as well as throughout the country.  We encourage children and teens to take the pledge, and then we fulfill a promise to help them by providing information, resources and contacts for college and higher learning access, financial aid, and positive personal, social and professional self-development tools.
Check out the Educational Pledge's great books and merchandise at www.educationalpledge.com.
UniTee Design is a Black Youth empowerment enterprise all about enriching our children and uplifting our souls.  Our RBG designer tee shirts called “UniTees” celebrate our culture in style, and help to fund a variety of youth initiatives. Working with young, talented graphic designers, every UniTee has a message and meaning.  See our newest designs at www.uniteedesign.com, and wear something that means Black Youth Empowerment!
If your school or youth group wants an effective and rewarding way to raise funds, consider the UniTee Design "funraising" program. Our RBG-inspirational tee shirts, "UniTees", are powerful products that can make money for your special cause, make our children proud in purpose, and help them learn about entrepreneurialism while having fun. We can even design a custom “UniTee” for your organization, group or cause.  Inbox info@uniteedesign.com for more details.

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    I'm greatly grateful you are a part of the progress and one of the best.
    BIG blessings now and always . . .
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