Useful information to ensure that your needs onboard are fulfilled

 SAFETY: Your comfort and safety is important onboard. Please refer to the safety leaflet in your seat pocket. SMOKING: Prohibited on all flights. SEAT ADJUSTMENTS: The position of your seat can be adjusted by pressing the button located in the arm rest. For take-off and landing, all seats must be in the upright position ELECTRONIC DEVICES: May not be during taxiing, take-off, climbing, descent and landing. This includes laptop computers, remote-controlled games, radios, portable TV’s and mobile phones, all of which may interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft. TAKE-OFF: Immediately after take-off the aircraft climbs very steeply. Shortly afterwards you will hear a reduction in the engine sound, but the aircraft will continue to climb. All aircraft cabins are pressurized. Due to a change in pressure during take-off and landing, some passengers may experience slight discomfort in the ear. Relieve this by swallowing, yawning or pinching the nostrils gently and breathing out while keeping lips sealed. LANDING: After touchdown, you may notice an increase in engine noise level due to the reverse thrust being applied to assist braking. Please remain seated until the engines have been switched off and the doors are opened. HAND LUGGAGE: In addition to a handbag or small camera, one piece of hand baggage per person may be taken onboard. It must weigh less than 8kg with South African Airways and 10kg for all other Airlines, and be no larger than 56cm *35cm*20cm. Excess hand baggage will be placed in the hold. Place hand luggage in the overhead storage or beneath the seat in front of you. The cabin crew will remove hand baggage from passengers seated in exit rows for take-off and landing. Large wooden artifacts will be placed in the hold. MAIN LUGGAGE: To ensure efficient handling and minimize damage, please ensure that items weigh no more than 32kg. Lock your luggage and label it inside and out. Do not pack any prohibited materials and never accept a package from a stranger. INFANTS: Baby-changing tables are available in selected toilets. The crew will help to prepare baby food. Cots are sometimes available. TOILETS: In each fully-equipped toilet you will normally be served during long-haul flights. Special-diet or vegetarian meals are available when pre-ordered. A courtesy in-flight bar service is available for wine, beer, soft drinks and spirits. DUTY FREE: We carry an extensive range of Duty Free products at competitive prices. IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: Audio and video entertainment programmes are available on our long and medium-haul flights.

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