Weak Black Leadership

Weak Black LeadershipThe Trayvon Martin's Murder and attempt to cover it up by the law enforcement and the slow actions of the U S Justice Department is a sad example of Weak Black Leadership.  Black Men, Women, Children and Babies are dying all over this country while Black Leadership run from one march to the next looking for the news cameras.Black Folks are locked in a systematic process that helps to maintain us within our current conditions.  This system support Poor Black leaders, who condition our minds to accept our people's current conditioning (Poverty, Crime, Incarceration& Non-economic Solutions to economic problems). One strategy is to place Black Faces is a very high places in political office, church, business, sports and entertainment.  This causes Black Folks confusion, like a deer standing in the road memorized by the the White Lights, until a Trayvon Martin situation happens.  An act so, inhumane and unjust, it causes a psychological break in the programming of Blacks.  When this happens, the usual suspects show up with great speeches to put Black Folks back to sleep. They call for a few marches or protest and it's over.  They never offer a national plan of action that seeks to collectively Uplift and Empower Black African Americans.  It's the 21st Century and Black African American should reject all current Black Leadership an start over with leaders who meet a new definition for Black Leadership.  I suggest this: "Leaders solve problems with courage, transparency, integrity and without excuses.". It is a symptom of insanity, to keep the same leaders, preachers, and teachers who help maintain Black People in their current conditions, so that those White lights run us over.The illusion of leadership, persist because all true examples of Black leadership are attacked and destroyed by the system and we are left with those who are weak and lack the courage to fight for their own people's empowerment. They are rewarded with a great job, salary, news coverage and invitation to the right events.  We must do better! I offer The Quiet Resolution (TQR) as a foundation or starter Black Empowerment Plan to be implemented for our uplift and empowerment in the 21st century.  

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  • Chicago-Midwest

    The sun is setting on my voice and The Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharpton and Louis Farakkans of the world.

    We took our turn for black America, we had our say to white America, we wrote our books for you to read, we defended our cause and we leave this mortal plane not fearing death but as honorable men that can proudly proclaim that no one black American that depended upon the names of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farakkan or Enoch Mubarak ever went cold, hunger, homeless, ignored or undefended.

    In Jesse Jackson's moment he told black America “you are somebody”. Al Sharpton took it from the mean, hard streets of Brooklyn to the National Democratic Convention and had his say in our behalf to White America.

    Louis Farakkan called on one million black men to assembly and they came. Enoch Mubarak wrote the plans and blueprints in a book titled Undercover Smart that recons the 21st century landscape for black Americans after the civil right era ended and the era of intellectual rights began.

    The question is: How is your generation putting it down because.... it is your turn?

    Good, bad or indifferent you have yet to produce one young leader of the 21st century other than barack Obama that represents your generation. My generation of leaders whether real, imagined or planted by white people did serious prison time, took a bullet or died for their activism.

    Where is your generation of leaders? Where are they? Instead of courage and leadership your generation is shaving their heads bald and professing that “Gay to be the new black”

    So, tell me, what’s the plan blackman?

    Is the plan for 2012 to see more and more black men shaving their heads bald as safe passage into white America enclaves?

    Will we see more black men declaring, claiming, choosing and professing their homosexuality in hopes that white America will not be alarmed nor threatened by your presence?

    Will we see more and more black women forced into interracial dating or female on female relationships because of the black man has abandoned his duties and responsibilities?

    Will we see more and more black women competing with homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, pre-ops, post ops, drag queens or feminine orientated men for the limited availability of heterosexual black men?

    Will we see more black pastors desecrating and defiling the word of God by deflowering the rectums of young disadvantaged black youths?

    Will we see more back stabbing treason from Tavis Smiley and Cornel West has they encourage black America to add even more pressure upon President of The United States of America Barack Obama?

    Will we see another 30,000 of our black women and children fainting and falling out under the scorching Atlanta sun as they trample over each other trying to get a public housing application for housing that does not currently exist? What’s the plan blackman?

    As we enter the year 2012, tell black America the plan is UNDERCOVER SMART – FIVE STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION.


    • Chicago-Midwest

      Respect my Brother.  I offer a called The Quiet Resolution (TQR).  There can be no single plan.  I do not agree with your assertion that their is a difference between your generation, my generation and the younger generation.  We are a people bound by a culture, history and skin color.  I'm not afraid to speak truth to power, nor will be taught to hate Whites, Gays, Christians or Muslins.  Hate solves nothing and is a tool of fear and control.  TQR is about Black Love!  That which is transformational because it doesn't make sense to those who hate.  We can empower and uplift our people, but its not generation against generation.  It starts with a "Voluntary Empowerment Plan", leadership, integrity, love, transparency and respect for each other that moves the race forward through the creation of institutions funded solely by us for our empowerment.

      • Georgia

        Peace brother.  I agree that we have lost our way against systematic oppression in the 21st century.  WE have too many fake media leaders and not enough structural, systematic, nation-building leaders.  We cannot look to anyone but ourselves and take full responsibility for our current state of affairs.  It is not about the media fakes but the local organizing men.  I am in Atlanta with many different groups and organizations who know truth about oppression, culture, knowledge, etc. but never meet on a regular basis as a collective group to deal with these and other major issues facing the African American community.  They are just as reactionary as the fake leaders.  Structural and syetamtic work is not sexy or you will not get any credit or accolades for really solving the problems but it is the cornerstone for real change.  Keep writing on this brother.  Please feel free to email me at

  • Not only weak leadership but uninformed and inarticulate leadership! Uninformed about the history of the Black Human Rights Movement in America and an unwillingness to use best practices from that era and tap in to the wealth of information from the elders that were in leadership at that time. Leadership that is unable to articulate the issues in a bold and strident manner and intelligently and EFFECTIVELY debate the issues that are facing our people and youth, and offer effective solutions. The tendency to shout down the elders and not allow effective leadership to take the forefront and provide strategies and tactics that will move our struggle forward and that get results immediately rather than reinventing the wheel as if this struggle just started. The lack of present so-called leadership's unwillingness to address any of the attacks on us and counter tactics implemented by us during the Black Movement and use them as a means of defense is highly of suspect. The acceptance of those who are KNOWN operatives, provocateurs, and informants for our enemies as leadership is just plain STUPID. Let bygones be bygones but let them BE GONE from our movements! Your leadership and so-called intelligentsia, even the younger ones, are now referring to Our People and themselves as 'Colored'!(sic) These is not an examples of effective and articulate leadership.

    "Above all else, History best rewards all research" - Malcolm X

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