8059913701?profile=RESIZE_710xVeteran Black Panther and longtime Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim has been released from prison and is now home!  We are gratified to learn of the freedom of another of the many victims of the “dirty tricks” associated with the FBI’s COINTELPRO (“Counter-Intelligence Program”) of the 1960s and 1970s that targeted political dissidents from the Black Panther PartyAmerican Indian Movement and other radical human-rights organizations.  His release, as well as those of the remaining members of the MOVE Nine in Philadelphia, takes on added significance in this current climate of suppression of pro-Black groups such as the Movement for Black Lives even as armed and potentially-violent right-wing militias have been encouraged by the US president.  As Baba Jalil Muntaqim is now reuniting with family and readjusting to life on the outside, we are respecting his privacy until such time as he is ready to speak publicly to longtime supporters of himself and other Political Prisoners.

SOURCE: https://kuumbareport.com/



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