Urgently needed: REVOLUTION BOOKS

Revolution Books - $10,000 by June 15th. It's time to seize a future fit for humanity!

Genocide, wars of occupation, climate crisis...

We REFUSE this system's future!

Donate to Revolution Books: where the whole world comes first and the poetic spirit meets the search for the truth.


Urgently needed: open-minded engagement and principled debate over different views, programs and solutions to the biggest questions facing humanity, at a time of intensifying divides throughout society and amidst existential danger.

Urgently needed: people getting into, debating and spreading the work and up to the minute analysis of Bob Avakian, revolutionary leader, author and architect of a whole new framework for human emancipation: the new communism. Starting with: Real Revolution, In This Time: What the Powers-That-Be Don't Want You to Know. @BobAvakianOfficial on all social media platforms.

Urgently needed: REVOLUTION BOOKS, to play an expanded and essential role in opening all this up!

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