On Tuesday, July 5th, the Trenton chapter of the New Black Panther Party and concerned citizens will rally against police brutality at the Trenton Police Department at 8:30am.


At issue are two very recent police shootings that have infuriated the community. On April 25th, an unarmed Trenton resident Korey Brown was gunned down by three Trenton police officers. On June 25th, another Trenton resident Aaron Carter was shot in the back and then beaten by Trenton police officers. Ironically, Carter had recently survived gun violence.


“Police brutality and murder is being swept under the rug in Trenton,” declared a furious Divine Allah, the Party’ s Trenton-based national youth minister.


For more information, please call 609 338 2236…




On Wednesday, July 6th, the New Black Panther Party will rally with the East Orange chapter of the Peoples Organization for Progress to demand justice for Jahqui Graham, who was killed in police custody on the same day in 2009.


Graham had been arrested for disorderly conduct only days before, but was later found dead in his cell, naked and with his head bashed in.


“How do you go from an uncontested disorderly conduct arrest to being savagely beaten to death and left for dead in a jail cell,” asked an angry Zayid Muhammad, the Party’s longtime national minister of culture.


The rally will take place at East Orange Police Department at 5:30pm…


On Saturday, July 16th, the New Black Panther Party will rally with the East Orange chapter of the Peoples Organization for Progress to memorialize the police killing of Randy Weaver on this same date in 1999.


Weaver was killed when East Orange police officers fired upon a vehicle in which he was a passenger on the assumption that the vehicle was stolen. He was then denied emergency medical attention by the police.


Weaver, known to his family and friends as ‘Prime Time,’ was an only child. His mother, Mary Weaver, has held memorial vigils for her son’s killing every year to the day since his death, and has become a nationally regarded advocate for justice against police brutality in her own right.


“Mary Weaver is one of most incredibly strong Black women I have ever met, and I know some heroically strong Black women,” observed Min. Muhammad prayerfully. “But nothing short of justice and reform can heal the hole in her heart from the police wrongly killing her only child.”


The vigil will take place at East Orange City Hall Plaza at 11am.


For more information on the East Orange rallies, please call 973 801 0001…





On Sunday, July 17th, The Trenton chapter of the New Black Panther Party and the Trenton AntiViolence Coalition will host a major rally against street violence.


The rally will take place at Stuyvesant Avenue and Prospect Street at 1pm.


This demonstration will also highlight the following concerns and demands on area officials:

“(1) Calling for all street organizations (gangs) to lay down their guns and adopt non-violent conflict resolution strategies;
(2) Community organizing to end urban street violence plaguing the city of Trenton (i.e.Motivating citizens/organizations to join in the struggle to make our streets safe);
(3) To pointing out Mayor Tony Mack and his administration’s unwillingness to meet and work with key community-based leaders and organizations to declare violence a Public Health Emergency in the city of Trenton;
(4) Ending police brutality, harassment and the unfair treatment of Trenton residents by the police;.
(5) Addressing the lack of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for a large amount of young people who are choice-less, hopeless, and voice-less;
(6) The developing and support of Real Programs that are geared to properly educating families (young and old) about becoming happier, healthier and wholistic-minded residents in the capital city;
(7) Usage of city, state, county, religious (church) facilities which can/should be used to offer counseling, guidance, and therapy for families and individuals in times of need on a regular (24/7) basis.”


“As we continue to highlight the pandemic of violence and senseless killing in the streets, there has been absolutely no words of encouragement or support from city hall and others in this city who claim to be in prominent positions of 'leadership,'” decried Divine Allah for both the Coalition and the New Black Panther Party.


The Trenton AntiViolence Coalition will host an AntiViolence Rally every third Sunday. This rally will mark its third.


For more information, please call 609 338 2236…





PO BOX 25332, NEWARK, NJ 07101


973 202 0745*


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