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Junious Ricardo Stanton: 


            It is not uncommon to begin a new year with goals, affirmations, declarations, promises and resolutions. We say things like: “I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to save money, I’m going to earn a promotion, and I’m going to go on a cruise” etc., etc. etc. People make promises to themselves, to their idea of god and often to family and friends. Yet Statistics reveal only between eight and nine percent of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions actually keep them. Most are abandoned by mid to late January.

According to psychologists most folks don’t keep their promises or resolutions due to several key factors. “If your goal is not specific, you won’t be able to accurately describe what you are trying to accomplish. This creates a lack of accountability and prevents you from properly recruiting your support network. If the goal is not measurable then you will not have a means of monitoring your progress and being able to honestly assess whether you are moving forward or remaining stagnant. If a goal is not actionable then it doesn’t matter how badly you want to achieve it at this point in time, you lack the resources or the means to make progress. You are doomed to fail from the start… Many fail at following through on resolutions because they don’t want to involve their support network in the cause.” Why People Commonly Fail at New Year’s Resolutions Justin Wright

The past two years have been extremely stressful, chaotic and unsettling for all of us. Our normal routines were thoroughly disrupted, as a result many have experienced loss of loved ones, employment insecurity (having one’s job defined as non-essential), periods of depression or anxiety about their or the health and wellbeing of a loved one and uncertainty about the future. In such a volitile environment formulating goals and resolutions can be problematic. Nevertheless setting achievable goals and pragmatic priorities is still important.

Looking at our present situation it is safe to say setting a goal of optimum health should be our top priority. Why? Because health is our wealth, if we are sick, weak or incapacitated, in addition to not feeling well, we cannot effectively support ourselves and we become dependent upon others to care for us.

 If we do not feel well enough or cannot work we cannot pay our bills; everyone has bills, financial obligations and expenses. Having bill collectors call and harass you is not good for your psyche or self-esteem.

You cannot always count on unemployment or Workman’s Compensation, your claim may be denied or you may have to go through a protracted appeal process. In the meantime how will you support and sustain yourself?

It’s great to have family and friends who are willing to stand in the gap but in times like these with rampant inflation and a government declared health crisis that can alter our daily movements and curtail and/or interrupt our daily activities (like during the medical martial law lock downs), what do we do?  Urban areas are experiencing a spike in violence not to mention the possibility of disruptive labor strikes, work stoppages, protests and demonstrations.   

If we are not well all these factors can weigh heavily on us and exacerbate an existing acute or chronic situation. This is why it is imperative we make optimum health our top priority in 2022! Thinking and talking about it is not enough. Neither is merely writing it down. Our goals must be specific and simply stated like: I want to lose ten pounds or I want to reduce my blood pressure by seven points.

Setting reasonable and realistic goals and an appropriate time frame to accomplish them are the first steps. Next establish an action plan, a routine and regime to help you reach your goals. Be realistic about what it will actually take to accomplish your goal. Map out the best ways to achieve your objectives. For example if you are planning to lose weight devise a plan that includes creating menus of nutritious foods and plan where you will shop to secure the types of foods that help you attain your goal. Give yourself enough time to acquire the taste for new foods, foods you haven’t eaten in a while or foods that you never enjoyed eating.

Be open minded and have a sense of humor about it.  Hold yourself accountable but do not be overly harsh on yourself if you come up short. Optimum health is a worthy and practical goal one certainly worth the time and effort to achieve. It will pay major dividends not only to you physically but also mentally and give you the stamina and alertness to enhance your daily activities; which will pay off with self-satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It may help you improve your relational and financial situations.

As we transit into a new year, make yourself, your health and your well being your top priority every day, all day, and one day at a time, one week, and one month at a time all year long. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones in 2022.




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