Chicago Black Republican and 2018 GOP US House nominee (IL 01) Jimmy Lee Tillman, II was released from the University of Chicago hospital after a brutal attack that happened on Thursday, November 29th at a neighborhood gas station located at 76th and Cottage Grove, while preparing for school drop-offs. He was transported by ambulance after an altercation that started over a mix up at the pump. Tillman reported that when he turned his back the last thing he remembered hearing was "Trump gonna send us back to slavery!" Tillman is widely known in the neighborhood as a Black Republican that ran in the 2018 mid-term for Congress against long-time Rep. Bobby Rush. The attack left Tillman with a few stitches and some small fractures in the face. 

Tillman statement:

"I am sadden by the fact that the message of my 2018 campaign to bring Black issues to President Trump, and demand resources for the Black community has been met with such violence. Cook County in Illinois is deep blue and during the election I was met with some resistance but never did I expect to be physically attacked.

I do not blame the man, who was obviously deranged, but the media especially the Black media that continues to stoke the flames of hatred toward anything Republican. It has been said that you can not be Black and Republican in Illinois, or if you are a Black Republican you do not work in the best interest of the community. Even though my campaign had an agenda for Black America, it received no coverage from Black media or support from any of the main Black organizations. 

I have lost more friends being a Black Republican in the Trump era than I did during Obama's administration. As a historian, I know that all the advancement that Blacks have gained in America came through the Republican Party.  

I am also upset that my daughter had to watch the attack and her father laying unconscious, which reminds me of Medgar Evers, who while registering Blacks to vote in Mississippi was killed in front of his children by the Democratic Citizens Council. The irony of the matter is that I am being called a 'Tom' and 'Traitor to my race' for being a  Black Republican when it is the Democratic Party, who has the KKK, which is listed in the record of Congress as its military arm, that is home to so many Blacks.

I would like to thank the doctors, nurses,residences, and staff at the University of Chicago Hospital Emergency Department for their kindness and good care. After this attack, I am resolved more than ever to run again in 2020."

For more information contact or (219)885-9315.

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