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We Black Nationalist Must now rejoin the Open discussion about Reparations: after all this is the Year of Black Empowerment..........

Less we forget…the Demand for Reparations have never been a one approach struggle. I know few Black nationalist who believe that using only laws of the ‘debtors’ would get The National Black
Community what we are demanding….we continue to do our work, more or less, out
of the limelight, but we who have a CERTAIN degree of understanding, are using
the equivalent DEGREE of WISDOM to guide our work…..

        I must say that I am actually pleased by the work that I see individuals whose work is exclusively within “the system” to have our Demand for Reparations addressed, are doing the job. Now it is time
for use who are convinced that U. S. Laws will not work to satisfy the Demand,
must come back into the Open Discussion about The Great Issue of Reparations.

            I am unsure how this will play out in real time, but there are some exciting things going on from some energetic strong strains of Black Nationalist Thought
and Practice………. I’ll name but one….
click on the “Groups” tab and check out the initiative to establish “Kujichalia
Villages to de-urbanize Black people from the killing zones in America.”
I am in the Southeast Ujima Region and have committed my land to the
establishment of one of the Villages they are planning. Of course I’ll get
paid, but I have been holding my Post at no small price, for years and am in
need to use the recourses elsewhere this deep into my Eldership…

 There is more…after all this is the year of Black empowerment in America (

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