This Is What's In Store For The US

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                                                  Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                           This Is What’s In Store For the USA

“ATHENS--The Greek government Wednesday announced long delayed plans to privatize state-owned companies as part of its attempt to fix the country's public finances and chip away at the massive public debt.  In a news conference, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou
said the government would move to privatize 49% of the operations division of unprofitable state-owned railways company OSE.  It will also privatize state holdings in various casinos, sell
a 39% stake in the Greek post office, and dispose of stakes in a variety of state-owned services including the waterworks companies of Greece's two major cities. He said the government is also looking at other opportunities to privatize state assets, either through stake sales or through privatized management contracts, including the country's ports, airports suites vast state property holdings.”
    Most people in the US know more about Beyonce and Jay-Z , Kobe Bryant and their favorite celebrities foibles and scandals than they do about what is really going on in the world today. As a small cabal plots to steal our wealth and reduce us to debt peons, tax serfs and wage slaves; the US mass media has us so distracted, deceived and discombobulated the criminals have a free pass to continue to loot pillage and plunder the world. Take a look around stop falling for the okey-doke, the mind control lies and flim-flam. Things are really getting bad. The same thugs who are ripping us off are getting away Scott free with the help of the US government! The same crooks who caused the global economic meltdown in the first place, are now openly extorting money from the West.
 Look at what is happening in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland not to mention Eastern European nations like Latvia and Hungary. These countries are virtually bankrupt. How, why?  Because the bankers, corporations and their government sock puppets have decided they are going to own everything. It’s a vicious scam. The same people who created the problems come in with  “solutions” which always benefit them but always puts us deeper in a hole. Their solution to getting out of the very debt they encouraged and engineered for governments and individuals, is to restructure the debt so the payments are spread out over a longer period of time, so they earn even more money in interest and fees, we stay in debt even longer and the countries either agree to or are forced to give up/sell, at pennies on the dollar, their most valuable  assets such as utilities, toll roads, railroads, seaports,  mines, airports and land.
 Say what? You read this correctly, the same loan shark techniques the IMF, World Bank and US-Aid have been using for decades to keep so called Third World nations in debt bondage and socio-economic chaos are being visited upon the rest of the world. The corruption, fraud and theft have gone both viral and global. Start paying attention to what is going on in Europe. The bankers are squeezing and strangling these countries to the point of death. Keep in mind these bankers are white and the people they are ripping off for the most part are white! The banker’s goal is to own everything. This is not conjecture, it is fact. For example the Daily Mail out of the UK reports, “The battered public finances could be boosted by a radical plan to raise £100billion by privatising Britain's motorway network. Business Secretary Vince Cable has signalled that he is open to the idea, which would dwarf the rail privatisations of the 1990s. Mr Cable said he had
'no ideological opposition' to major asset sales, which could also see Channel 4 and the Met Office disposed of to raise cash. Last year, Gordon Brown began the process of a fresh round of
privatisations, announcing asset sales of £16billion, including the Tote, the Dartford Crossing and the student loan book.”  NM Rothschild Moves To Privatize British Roadways By Daily Mail Reporter 23rd May 2010
  Don’t think this is purely a scheme to bankrupt the Third World and European to steal their assets, it’s going on here as well. Last year former US Senator and New Jersey governor Jon Corzine also a former Goldman Sachs CEO by the way, proposed selling off several NJ toll roads as a means to raise money to cut the burgeoning state debt. Sound familiar?  I have news for you, New Jersey was not the only state thinking about selling off state assets in 2009 to raise money to prevent being overwhelmed by a rising tide of red ink. “Some states, struggling to balance their budgets, are selling or leasing public property, including state office buildings, prisons and major toll ways. While a quick way to raise revenue, this strategy is attacked by some as a short-term fix that postpones making more difficult decisions. Arizona and California lawmakers have pursued sale-leasebacks of state buildings, which are sold to private owners; the states then lease the buildings and take back ownership after 20 years.
  Connecticut is also selling assets to help meet its target to add $60 million to the general fund during the next two years, but its sales are permanent and apply only to property the state no longer uses. The state is planning to sell office buildings, vacant land, cars and equipment. The state treasurer and the Office of Policy and Management are scheduled to submit by Feb. 3, 2010, a list of assets the state could sell, said Adam Liegeot, spokesman for the governor’s office. In Arizona, the sale-leasebacks are part of the state’s budget plan to help close a remaining $2 billion deficit in the fiscal 2010 budget. Lawmakers have approved a tentative list of state-owned buildings that could be sold, including the executive office tower, possibly the House and Senate buildings, 10 prison complexes and a state mental health facility.” Kimberly Leonard, Special to
 Do you get the picture now? This is part of a coordinated and planned move to put people and governments in debt, reduce us to abject poverty and force us into a position where we have to sell, default or lose their primary assets. For governments the plan is for the bankers to demand “austerity cutbacks” such as deep cuts in existing social programs, pensions, health and welfare agreements, coupled with massive tax increases. The banks and their sock puppets have set the trap, now individuals, states and whole countries are caught or about to be caught in their web of debt. “Todd Haggerty, a National Conference of State Legislatures policy associate, said: ‘States are having to look at anything and everything to close these (budget) gaps. For the most part, easy decisions have already been made, so states are now looking at more difficult options.’  In July, NCSL estimated  31 states are already facing combined shortfalls of $58.5 billion for the 2011 fiscal year, which may result in others developing similar plans. Minnesota, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts considered proposals to sell toll roads, parks, airports or lotteries, but did not include these proposals in their fiscal 2010 budgets, which began July 1.” ibid
   If you want to see what is store for the USA look at what is going on in Europe in the PIIGS nations (Portugal Ireland Iceland Greece and Spain) or better yet, what’s going on in California. This is the blueprint and template for this country! “As a consequence of their continued looting, austerity measures are about to be implemented. In state after state across the country, and on a federal level, we are facing severe deficits. Mass school closings have already
been scheduled for the end of this school year, as thousands of teachers have already been told that they will no longer have a job. Pension funds and medical programs are being slashed. Fire fighters, police and health care workers are being cut back . Six million Americans are on the verge of losing the unemployment benefits that they have been surviving off of and there are now a record six available workers for every one job opening. Unemployment insurance funds have already been depleted in 33 states, with more expected to go into the red within the next few months. Draconian cuts in vital social programs and critical government functions are just beginning to be phased in, while our national wealth is still being transferred to the wealthiest. They are pulling out the social infrastructure from below us and are about to pile higher taxes on top of us.”
This is the situation governments find themselves in. Couple the situation our governments are facing with the rising personal default rates, homelessness, unemployment, de-industrialization, off shoring, defaults and tent cities springing up across the country and you’re seeing the future of the US.


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