This Is What the Techno-fascists Have In Store for Us

Junious Ricardo Stanton


         “Some well-known scientists and technologists have expressed concern that robots may take over the world. More generally, there is concern that robots will take over human jobs and leave billions of people suffering long-term unemployment. Yet, such concerns do not take into account the potential for human beings to enhance their natural capabilities with in-the-body technologies and so become cyborgs with superior capabilities to robots. Types of cyborgs include: human beings with mass produced biomedical implants; human beings with mass imagineered body hacks; and human beings with mass customized insideables. In this paper, human enhancement with in-the-body technologies is analyzed through the theoretical frameworks of mass paradigms, technology domestication, and cultural capital. The implications of the findings of these analyses are related to debates about the future of society. In particular, opportunity versus exploitation, utopia versus dystopia, and emancipation versus extinction. It is explained that the debates about the future of society are flawed if they focus more upon robots than cyborgs.” Cyborgs, Robots and Society: Implications for the Future of Society from Human Enhancement with In The Body Technologies. Stephen Fox Cyborgs_Robots_and_Society_Implications_for_the_Fu.pdf


            For some time now I have been warning you about what some people who call themselves futurists, technocrats, transhumanists and visionaries are planning to foist on humanity, meaning you and me; us. This is not science fiction it is not a variation of Huxley’s Brave New World or Orwell’s 1984, it is very real and you can see if for yourself at Websites like these: https://transhumanism.news/, https://humanityplus.org, https://www.weforum.org/centre-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution , https://www.technocracy.news , https://futurism.com . Some sites are more revealing and creepy than others but this is information you should be aware of because it will impact our lives sooner rather than later.

            Under the guise of benevolently transforming humanity, enhancing us, making life better and solving age old problems, these megalomaniacs and misanthropes want to play god, re-engineer humans and transform the whole planet. Here is just some of what they are saying, “We are all cyborgs; a fusion of biology and technology. With the introduction of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), more complex and more intelligent machines has made it so that the reality of getting upgraded with the help of devices isn’t that farfetched. Just as robotics and mechanical exoskeletons can amplify our physical capabilities, AI and digital data analysis now help augment our brains. This is the age of transhumanism. Though the idea of a half-human/half-robot is most commonly depicted through science fiction, the truth is that humanity has always used tools as extensions of ourselves. With the help of smarter digital devices, we are now able to do more, sense more and experience more than what is biologically possible. As an example, access to neuroprosthetic implants and virtual reality devices now allow us to have digital experiences where there is no analogue noise. For those who were born with hearing loss, Cochlear implants provide a unique opportunity to hear for the first time. This is just one of the many ways where technology paves the way to make life more humane.” 4th Industrial Revolution: The Rise of Transhumanism  https://www.anderssorman-nilsson.com/blog/4th-industrial-revolution-the-rise-of-transhumanism

            Notice their nonchalant and benign rhetoric, “hey it’s all good, we’re all cyborgs now, melding humans with machines is already happening why just look how advanced science has helped _________ people, (you fill in the blank, blind, brain damaged, paraplegic, deaf etc). It’s not just machines these sickos want to hook us up to, they want to slice and splice our genetic make up, they want to alter you and they are planning to create what they call designer babies using technology they call the CRISPER-CAS 9 system.

What is CRISPER-CAS 9 you ask?  “Scientists produce a small piece of RNA binding to the Cas9 enzyme and a ‘guide’ sequence that attaches to a specific part of the DNA. As in bacteria, the modified RNA is used to recognize the DNA sequence, and the Cas9 enzyme cuts the DNA at the targeted location. Once that’s done, researchers use the cell’s own DNA repair machinery to add or delete pieces of genetic material or to make changes to the DNA by replacing an existing segment with a customized DNA sequence. Easy-peasy, right?... As Eric Topol, director and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute said with six billion letters in the genome that could be affected, the risk of unintended editing is considerable. We don’t know what happens when another DNA segment gets targeted instead of the originally planned. Moreover, in a study published in Nature Biotechnology in July 2018, British researchers found that CRISPR caused more damage to DNA than previously thought. If the scientists are right, gene editing could disrupt healthy genes when it is meant only to fix faulty ones.” Designer Babies: A Dystopian Sidetrack of Gene Editing https://medicalfuturist.com/designer-babies-a-dystopian-sidetrack-of-gene-editing/

            Anytime psychopaths, megalomaniacs and mad scientists tell us they need to flush out the ethical implications of what they are planning and doing watch out! The bottom line is we all know they have no ethics! This is part of what some are calling technocracy: the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.

I call it techno-fascism because the technology is not generated by the masses. It is not an organic, bottom up popular movement; it is an elitist top down program, it is owned by the super rich, the big banks and corporations, Big Pharma and scientists in collusion and consort with the government, specifically designed to enrich them even though they say it is for our benefit. We are experiencing this now with the global response to COVID!




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