Things We Should Know


Things We Should Know

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Many of the problems with Moderna that Garde identified in 2016 continued to plague the company right up until the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Chief among these was Moderna’s struggle to prove that its technology worked and that it was safe. Concerns about the safety and efficacy of the company’s products, which were publicly reported beginning in 2017, evaporated in the wave of panic surrounding COVID-19 and the simultaneous “Warp Speed” race for a vaccine that would “end the pandemic.” Yet, there is little, if any, evidence that these once-well-recognized concerns were addressed prior to the US government’s emergency use authorization of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine and its now widespread use in many countries around the world. To the contrary, there is evidence that these concerns were covered up both prior to and during the development of its vaccine.” Moderna: A Company “In Need of A Hail Mary” by Whitney Webb


            Frequent readers and listeners to my podcasts know I never believed the “official narrative” about COVID-19 put forth by the government and the controlled monopoly media. I always thought there was something fishy about this disease. The narrative and policies supposedly designed to mitigate the virus were unprecedented not in an innovative beneficial way but a this makes no sense way.

The first thing I recognized was we were being targeted for a full court press propaganda and mind control campaign. I saw eerie similarities between 9-11 with the constant TV images of the burning twin towers and the words: America under attack and the 24/7/365 computer generated images of the “novel coronavirus” broadcast over and over again. I knew we were being subjected to a massive propaganda barrage designed to create fear, hysteria and panic. It worked.

The media kept repeating the wild Chicken Little type projections of Neil Ferguson a British medical statistician from the British Imperial College in London which by the way is heavily funded by Bill Gates. The problem is Neil Ferguson’s previous pandemic predictions never panned out! So why was Ferguson the poster boy for the “COVID pandemic”? The good news is Ferguson has since been exposed and disgraced.

Never before had public health officials recommended the quarantine of healthy people, usually only the severely ill were kept in isolation, not the healthy. Next the powers that be started arbitrarily enforcing policies they said would last two weeks to “flatten the curve” meaning curtailing the spread of the virus.  They shut down the global economy! Two weeks turned into well over a year. The consequences of these policies have been devastating on so many levels, economic, social and political. What’s worse any criticism of these bone headed policies is treated like treason or terrorism!

Next they said the only solution/cure was a vaccine; not our immune system, not natural herbs vitamin supplements, meditation, fasting, a healthy diet and lifestyle; only vaccines!? They circumvented the normal research, development and testing process under the pretext of “Operation Warp Speed” another unprecedented move especially when experimental gene therapies were being considered for use.

It usually takes at least between ten and fifteen years to bring a new vaccine to market those misanthropes proposed it in less than a year. Where was their concern for our safety? When I read about the companies in consideration/contention for creating the vaccine I became even more suspicious. Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer had a track record albeit not a pristine one but at least they had brought products to market (including products proven to be extremely harmful and deadly); but Moderna had never brought anything to market in its ten year history!

How is this possible? How can companies like Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson who have been forced to pay billions in fines and a bit player like Moderna be selected for such an important initiative? I really started to smell a rat then and I shared my concerns in my articles and podcasts. How could the FDA and the Trump administration be so reckless about our safety?

The answer is regulatory capture. Regulatory capture is when agencies created in the public interest like the FDA, SEC and FCC end up advancing the political, commercial, and economic interests of the very people and companies the agency was created to regulate. The US FDA is not on our side, it is cahoots with Big Pharma, the banksters and other special interests. Regulatory capture is a symptom of corruption and the US is rife with regulatory capture/corruption, it is bi-partisan and endemic.

Back to Moderna, I urge you to read Whitney Webb’s two part article on Moderna at it reveals how Big Pharma, the government and the banksters colluded to turn a profit at our expense. We need to know this!

Lastly read how the powers that be started formulating propaganda and messaging for the vaccines way before they were even set to be put on the market. Then check this out: Pro Vaxx Messaging Including Societal Guilt Was Being Tested 6 Months Before Vaccine Approval at Connect the dots, think for yourself and stop falling for the flim flam and the okey-doke. 



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