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"Brooklyn Man Convicted Of Murder For Shooting Death Of 28-Year-Old Following Argument in Flatbush Defendant Faces Up To 25 Years To Life In Prison At Sentencing

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson today announced that a 22-year-old man has been convicted of second-degree murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon for shooting to death an unarmed stranger following an argument at a local deli.

District Attorney Thompson said, “This defendant shot and killed an innocent man for no reason other than a bruised ego. The victim in this case never had a chance. This defendant has now been held accountable for his actions and faces a lengthy prison term at sentencing.”

The District Attorney identified the defendant as Justin Sarkodie, 22, of Ocean Avenue, in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The defendant was convicted yesterday of one count of second-degree murder and one count of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon following a jury trial before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog, who set sentencing for February 5, 2015. The defendant faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

The District Attorney said that, according to trial testimony, on March 19, 2013, at approximately 11:15 a.m., the defendant followed the victim, Farrell Nestor, 28, to 490 East 23rd Street, where a friend of his lived, and shot the victim four times in a sixth floor hallway. Earlier that morning, Sarkodie and another man had been arguing at a deli located at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Ditmas Avenue in Flatbush. During the argument Sarkodie threw a bottle, which struck Nestor, who was also at the deli. Sarkodie and Nestor then had a physical altercation. Sarkodie then called a friend, who brought a gun to the location, and they followed Nestor to the 23rd Street location, where Sarkodie shot him.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Emily Dean, of the District Attorney’s Homicide Bureau, under the supervision of Kenneth Taub, Bureau Chief."

from the above, as it stands at present justin sarkodie known to the afrikan community as hannibal rushadeen has been since incarcarated, held captive at clinton incorrectional concentration camp in dannemora, new york, facing twenty-five to life for a crime he did not committ. according to sistar khadijah shakur, hannibal's warrior queen mother, the state has no evidence at all, not in the slightest, that proves hannibal was the perpetrator.

not even the state's sophisticated csi can bring forward anything based on crime scene dna. and as we all know that we live in a police state, enhanced by twenty-hour surveillance, there is not one speck of of footage nor photo from the deli to the scene of the murder that captures hannibal moving in the direction of what was alleged: him following the victim to a friend's residence.

so what was their conviction of brother hannibal predicated upon? what was the smoking gun, when there was neither gun nor evidence of him being the perpetrator? i asked sistar khadijah what she thought. and her response was because of brother hannibal's activism.

see, the location of the deli is in the hood, where street cats or so-called thugs frequent. hannibal also stomped those grounds. but the only difference was that he is a politicized street cat that belongs to a revolutionary formation. he is a new black panther. in the 1960s the revolutionary brothas and sistars understood and made it clear that there were two types of panthers: politicized panthers and unpoliticized panthers.

therefore the mission of the politicized panthers was politicizing the unpoliticized panthers or street cats because it was a necessary prerequisite on the road to the liberation of afrikan people on this part of the earth. and hannibal was attempting to do and continue just that, which was also realized by the p.i.g.s. who are the first line of defense in defending the oligarchical position of the white ruling class. yes, the p.i.g.s are an arm of the state, no more no less, which is why they can get away with just about anything - knowing they are backed by the criminal injustice system.

so in essence, what am i trying to say, you ask? the point is that brother hannibal was convicted of murder, one which the state can not connect him to, simply because of the position that he has toward the state: a politically-conscious one, which puts him at odds with the rulers of capital who create conditions which breed synthetic crime that is necessary in order for the state to maintain itself, economically, politically and socially.

a dent in the system and their rule would be in jeopardy. perhaps the most feared dent is the organizing of the unpoliticized street cats. not only organizing them but revolutionizing them which ups the stakes in this game of rulers and ruled. and whomever the culprit, bold and daring, may be has to be eliminated by one of three ways: incarceration, exile or death.

in the case of brother hannibal, he therefore became the latest of the political prisoners the state has been holding captive since the 1960s - such notables as dhoruba bin wahad, geronimo pratt, assata shakur (who now lives in exile in cuba), sundiata akoli, mutulu shakur, seiko odinga, jalil muntaquim, albert "nuh" washington, angola three, mumia abu jamal, herman bell, pam & ramona afrika and other members of m.o.v.e.

by whatever means to remove them has no limit, a trumped up murder charge appearing to be most proficient tool - hence hannibal being charge with murder with no evidence to convict him, only in the sick psycho-pathological mentality of the operators of state machinery, for no other reason than sheer fantasy required to defend against truth which is the enemy of the state.

the following is a public service announcement that was put out by brother hannibal, who has also been subjected to the same human rights violations that the state would level against other governments across the globe:

"In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger.

February 2016

Dear Valued Believers, Brothers, Sisters, Comrades, Friends, collective community, supporters, sympathizers; As salaam u Alaikum (Peace Be unto you).

On behalf of myself, my dear Warrior Queen Mother Khadijah and the family that I have, that do love me, please accept our sincere gratitude thanks and heartfelt appreciation for your patronage, backing and ongoing support of me at this time in my life, where Allah has already a divine preordainment for me, to go through some trials in my life where in it, I would be tried and would go through persecution for a murder I did not commit.

The criminal notorious 70 pct, the same pct that sodomized Abner Louima in the late 90’ and where reportedly has a history of officers drinking on the job, the same precinct according to “1 former precinct cop told the Daily News that “Tensions between Caribbean blacks and officers of all races including American Blacks are high” the cop from that precinct told The Daily News, “they don’t like us, and we don’t like them” a precinct where reportedly 2 NYC police officers robbed 2 men and threatened those men with a machete; stopped and profiled me traveling in a cab when the criminal pigs without a warrant , stopped the cab and removed me from that cab along with occupants, searched me along with the cab driver who we later found out did not have a license and after the pigs searched us all they found nothing illegal.

The pigs still take me into custody which was, and is totally unfair and unreasonable for no legal reason take me against my will to the pigs pen. These devils had a job to do me in or some way, some how connect me to this murder. The arresting officers did not observe nor did they produce anyone who even came close to saying I committed any criminal act nor did these devils have any reasonable trustworthy information which supported the conclusion that I had committed a criminal act. The pigs did not have any information either by description or identification to justify the seizure of me

As such, the arrest was without probable cause and is in violation of my so called constitutional rights. Which the Hon. Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad taught us, ,”aint worth the paper that it’s written on”. But to back up my claim of violation of my so called constitutional rights see united states constitution, Amendments IV and XIV New York State constitution, Article 1, section 12: Dunaway V. New York, 442 U.S. 200 (1980) any so called evidence obtained as a result of the exploitation of an evil wicked plot and plan of an unlawful arrest must and should have been suppressed as “tainted fruit” of the constitutional violation. See Wong Sun v. United States, 371 U.S. 471 (1963): Dunaway v. New York Supra.

At pre trial hearings overseen by the racist devil Neil Firetog whos racist history as a so called judge proceeds him, he ruled every time in favor of the DA. The whole trial was bias leaving me to be convicted, but that does not stop me from the dedicated work of fighting for our total liberation of our poor, suffering people all over America and the world. Yes, the works of cointelpro is alive and well and their fight against stopping the rise of a Black Messiah is real. But even from behind the walls I strive in saving minds and hearts of Black African people. It is not an easy task. No, but we must always strive to be upright which is the nature of how Allah created us. I’ve been on the front lines for the masses of our people since the age of 5 because of that Honorable Black Woman, my Umi,(mother) Queen Mother Khadijah, but throughout life we all have ups and downs, victories and defeats.

Please know that I did and still striving to do my very best to diligently serve our people in the most professional, joyful and swiftest manner possible as a young man who has flaws, behind these walls. I’m fighting these Neo Nazi devils and their hate towards muslims, young black men in general. I along with several Muslims, and FOI members in the prison all on separate incidents were strongly harassed and aggressed upon by all white male CO’S. they hate muslims calling us ISIS and other degrading remarks, the pen is mightier and more wise than the sword, but that has made me have even more enemies.

However I pray that each time you all called up here to support me and check up on me that Allah will bestow his blessing upon you and your family, I am your brother and I intend to help our people. By the grace of Allah I intend to get free and strive even harder to continue to fight for our people with all that is going on in the world today let us make this year of 2016 stronger black love and black unity moving toward nation building in 2016.

To all organizers lets be more true to black love and black unity lets upgrade and improve on skills that make us nation builders. Please know that I will always work feverishly to help spread the life saving, life giving, and life changing message of knowledge of self, pan Africanism and a black liberation theology and to that end I extend my deepest thanks to Brother Cousar Khalif who visited and gave me books while on Rikers Island. Brother Charles Barron, Dr.James McIntosh, Sistah Nayaba Arinde, Brother Divine Allah, Brother David X, Queen Sheeba, Sis Ndigo her daughter Jessica who is very beautiful. Sis Asale who came all the way from the west coast to see me. Brother Anthony Muhammad of. Muhammad Mosque #7 Brother Minister of Protocol for Mosque #7 Brother Derrick Muhammad, Brother James X, Brother Akil Shabazz, Brother Bradley Muhammad, Brother Kem Neter, Brother Uhuru who came from Florida to see me. Brother Shaka Shakur who was the only one I know of to do a fundraiser for me. Brother Semahj, Brother Muhammad Abdul Hakim, Sistah Mia Worthy, Sister councilwoman Laurie Cumbo, My Lil Queen Sister Autum Ashante, her father Bro. Batin Ashante, Sis Mayasa, aka Dannette Chavis, Bro. Saa Neter, Bro Imam El Hajj Talib Abdul Rashid the Imam for MIB, Pastor Omar Wilks and Atty Roger Wareham as well as my comrade and brother Chawn Kweli, my dear Queen Comrade Amira Sankofa. Sister Krystal Muhammad from Texas, thank you for your outstanding effort. 

To Ra Sun Ta Seti who stayed up all night with my Umi till 3am when she could not sleep, to Brother Shango Ooosi who would post for my mom upon request, when she was too tired and when she was unable to make calls during work. Also thanks for the hashtags ‪#‎FreeHannibal‬, and the message to my inbox, thanks to Bro. Bobby Worth and Bro. Jamar Rudo Gama, to Bro. Ismail Shabazz who loves and supports my mom as his sister and comrade, thanks to Sister Agnes Johnson, thanks to Bro. Doshon Farad, thank you Sistah Linda Fletcher for helping to keep my name and image alive. Thank you Sistah Alama for the collage. The good you all have done in this life has touched people all over the world.

My deepest thanks to Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz whom I’ve learned much from, our works in the past was epic. Thank you for calling the prison when asked by my Umi (mother). I must admit Bro. Malik I am hurt by your lack of communication but thanks anyway. My deepest thanks to every single believer, supporter or sympathizer who sent funds toward helping me, shared a tweet, posted on youtube or facebook, thank you for your letters thank you from the depth of my heart.

My most heartfelt thanks to Sis Katrina (Kay Philli) for your excellent paralegal abilities, Bro. Kinte Allah from Stone Mountain GA, Tommy Cullar from Florida, Bro Kofi from Monticello, NY my dear Queen sister Goddess Rheality from Brick City, NJ, sister Lindwe Sampson Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication it is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted, and if I live to be a thousand I can never thank God enough for Brother A. Salaam Muhammad who serves as a Minister in Muhammad Mosque #7 during the days of the Hon. Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, and still serving as Minister at Muhammads’s Mosque#7. He holds the post of Prison Reform Minister he has supported me so much I’m thankful to him and Brother Student Minister Ronald Muhammad, my heartfelt thanks to these brothers, Bro. Tahir from Muhammad’s Mosque#7c, May Allah reward each of you in a mighty way for your sacrifice.

It is our duty as freedom fighters to open the eyes of countless men and women worldwide, and to stand by those that do, that no matter how dark it gets, by Allah’s grace and mercy we stand together as brothers ,sisters and family. By Allah’s grace 2016 should be a year of unbreakable unity and love as we go through this most dangerous hour. Let’s continue our quest for freedom and justice I ask you all to increase your support in helping me attain freedom from the white man’s dungeon.

Please know that I will always be honored, grateful and pleased with serving our people wherever I go in this mighty cause of truth. If you would like to contact me. Please write me as Justin Sarkodie 15A0789 Clinton Correctional Facility P.O. BOX 2001 Dannemora, NY 12929 be mindful what you write, the pigs read my mail. I will do my best to respond swiftly.

May Allah (God) continue to bless, protect and to strengthen each and every one of us and our families.

All Power to the People, Hotep, Free the Land, Black Power in this year and Beyond.
Sincerely and With Love and Respect,

Brother H. Rushadeen"


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