The West Is Trotting Towards War

Junious Ricardo Stanton


Several weeks ago I wrote a commentary entitled Sleepwalking Into More War which provided insights into the West’s maniacal support for the wars raging in Gaza and Ukraine. As time passed the sleepwalk is becoming a trot. Our misleadership class is accelerating the expansion of existing conflicts and opening new theaters of engagement potentially against China.

Wars unlike bar fights just don’t happen spontaneously. There is a progression, there are stages beginning with the belief war and conflict are acceptable means of resolving issues or getting what one wants. This is the mindset of the West. Since the fifteenth century the West has engaged in wholesale wanton plunder, rapine and expropriation justified by noble sounding verbiage like: spreading Christianity to the heathens, civilizing the savages, bringing freedom democracy and enlightenment to the world and similar lies.

The European movers and shakers provided emotional and material incentives and inducements to their cannon fodder to make them march or sail off towards whatever conflict, invasion or prize they coveted. Tribal and ethnic pride, religious fervor, claims of doing god’s work saving the world, making it safe for democracy or rallying the yahoos to avenge some slight or to retaliate against an attack on them were some of the tactics they used. And in many cases, the leaders pulled off a cunning false flag operation to jump start hostilities. At any rate war was already a top priority they just needed to provide a pretext and rationale to get the party started.

We are seeing the same things in Ukraine and Palestine. The US fomented a coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014 which ultimately led to the rise of a Jewish comedian named Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the position of president five years later. Zelensky was supported by the US and Azov Battalion, Neo Nazis who were actively bombing Donetsk and Donbas regions for years because the residents there wanted to reunite with Russia who they were culturally and ethnically related to.

Ukraine was universally recognized as a corrupt nation and the Biden crime family had their grubby hands deep in the corruption. When Russia intervened at the behest of the Donbas citizens the West went ballistic. Crimea had already overwhelmingly voted to rejoin the Russian Federation but the West spun it as a forced or coerced annexation.

This was part of their ongoing Putin/Russia demonizing campaign. The US/NATO axis of insanity was pissed that Putin derailed their attempts to topple the Syrian government and do to that nation what they did to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

In addition to imposing sanctions on Putin and Russia, which are deliberate acts of war, the Axis of Insanity set out to militarily buttress Ukraine’s clown president. But this has failed, Ukraine is loosing the war, so now the West has given the green light to their clown Zelenskyy to use Western weapons to directly attack Russian territory. The West is selling weapons, providing tactical support and “advisors” in this wasted war effort. Now Germany, Britain and the US have recently moved towards implementing universal conscription or national service programs meaning military drafts! The sleepwalk is escalating to a trot.

In Palestine Benjamin Netanyahu cavalierly and dismissively crossed Biden’s red line blatantly defying him and bum rushing Rafah, effectively thumbing his nose at Biden making him look like a punk! In addition Israel has stepped up its cross border clashes in Southern Lebanon and its tit for tat attacks on Iran. Meanwhile no one, not the UN, not the Pope, not the G7 have moved to check the Israelis on their aggression and warmongering.

The sleepwalk is turning into a trot. The pace is quickening towards more direct engagement and confrontation between the West and Russia. Yet the corporate media vigorously supports it all and spins it as: defending democracy, fighting Russia aggression and justified Israel defense rather than what it really is: war profiteering, corporate greed, immorality, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

We have seen the willingness of the US government to pour money into the Military Industrial Technology Security State sinkhole and this trend is not going to subside any time soon. In fact it will increase along with preparations for conscription, logistics, war gamesmanship and saber rattling. Look at all the joint military exercises the US/NATO axis and the Russians and Chinese are conducting. This is the equivalent of two dogs growling, barking and baring their teeth at each other before they actually start fighting. Sometimes the bluff works sometimes they end up fighting.

The misleadership in both US political parties are hellbent on war, they don’t even mention the word peace, and by Golly they are going to have their wars somewhere. Sadly unless there is a major repentance the trot will break out into a full sprint towards full blown war. We have to wake up and stop pretending not to know what is going on!


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