Curtis Ray Davis speaks at various institutions on the topic of wrongful incarceration with his book "Slave State - Evidence of Apartheid in America" giving examples and mentions of overwhelming amounts of incarcerations, in particular, in the state of Louisiana as evidence that Louisiana is undeniably a slave state. Curtis Ray Davis demonstrated that these incarceration statistics from Louisiana are firsthand evidence that there is indeed Apartheid in America.


New Orleans, LA, March 16, 2020 --( Curtis Ray Davis, II has a phenomenal story to tell and with a new book published by Mindfield Publishing being circulated through to the masses of young minds and incarcerated individuals, Mr. Davis is doing what he believes he was called to do. Curtis was arrested in 1990 and charged with 2nd degree murder; a crime that he did not commit. After a jury of 10 peers voted guilty, Curtis was sentenced to life in prison. He was pardoned in 2016 and set free after serving 25 years in a state penitentiary.

Mr. Davis departed from prison and wrote and released a self-published book entitled, “Slave State: Evidence of Apartheid in America.” "Slave State" mentions numerous amounts of overwhelming incarcerations in the state of Louisiana as evidence that Louisiana is undeniably a slave state. These incarceration statistics from Louisiana are firsthand evidence that there is indeed Apartheid in America.

The book is the incarcerated author’s attempt to illustrate historical and contemporary failures in the Louisiana Criminal Justice System. The alarming statistics of prisoner ratios in Louisiana are also examined in the book. The book is also a collection of essays and articles written by a man wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to serve the balance of his life in a modern-day penal colony in Louisiana, known commonly as Angola.

Curtis served time in what was known formerly as a 8,000 plus acre slave plantation. Angola is a place that had a history of slavery, unfair treatment and abuse of prisoners. It was in Angola that Curtis found that he possessed a talent for organizing as well as an extraordinary aptitude for the science of law. The prison’s warden drafted Curtis into the State Certified Tutor Program where for over a period of 17 years Curtis was on a team that lowered the Louisiana State Penitentiary recidivism rate from 67% to 2%, for offenders who participated in the program. Curtis authored a curriculum known by prisoners as “the art of human transformation” and by addressing life skills as well as academics they changed Angola from “the bloodiest prison in the U.S.,” into a community of men who attract visitors from across the globe, marveling at the amazing change. More than 1,200 prisoners received their GED's under Curtis’ leadership, a fact that Curtis says, made his day to day internment bearable.

Curtis' mission is to stay involved by utilizing his voice in the reformation of the current legal system, educating individuals and groups on what today's penal system is like, preventing injustice for all, breaking the school to prison pipeline and other issues related to a society bent toward justice.

If your group or organization is interested in taking part in this mission, please contact the Curtis Ray Davis, II team to discuss arranging book distribution, or an appearance by Mr. Davis or any type of booking for Mr. Davis to participate.

Mindfield Publishing aims to use activist tactics to reach people possessing a passion to pursue justice. Mindfield Publishing seeks to educate the community on justice and equality matters. Currently, Mindfield Publishing has a persona of being a help-mate for wrongful incarcerated prisoners that seek assistance to prove their innocence. Mindfield Publishing's goal is to educate anyone needing assistance on processes and resources that are available. Mindfield Publishing helps to distribute books to individuals, to youth and adolescence, to college students and to others to include those that are incarcerated as well.

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